Can We Bring Back the Harmful Tweets

By Ray Cardello for April 5, 2022 Season 9 / Post 49

Oh, how harmful and hurtful the tweets of President Donald Trump were to those on the Left. They came like a wave 24/7, and they had Radical Democrats on their knees, screaming from the pain and mental anguish these words inflicted. These tweets were so damaging that regardless of the state of the union, he had to go. The tweets, Facebook posts, and, oh my, the rallies with thousands of supporters waiting hours to hear the Orange Man speak were just too much for half the country. He had to go.

Enter Joe Biden, the aging lifelong politician who had already been entrenched in Washington for nearly five decades. Bring on Uncle Joe, the former Congressman, Senator, and Vice President who could claim no significant accomplishment. The man who Nancy Pelosi refers to as “Perfect for the job.” In fourteen months, Joe from Scranton has shown us how quickly things can unravel when an inept team is in charge. What would the country look like if Trump had four more years? Let’s take a look.

  1. We would still be energy-independent. Gas prices would still be under $3.00 at the pump, and we would not be buying oil from OPEC or Russia. We would not be negotiating to purchase crude from Iran or Venezuela. We would be exporting oil and liquid natural gas (LNG) to Europe, so they would not need a pipeline from Russia.
  2. We would not be looking at a recession looming in the immediate future. The situation at the docks would have been addressed sooner, avoiding a supply chain crisis. That crisis and the rising gas prices contribute to the 7-8% inflation.
  3. The Southern Border would still be closed. There have been 2.2 million crossings that we can confirm in fourteen months. With the expiration of Title 42, the surge will be coming as the Southern Border no longer exists. In addition to the illegal immigrants, we have no idea how much Fentanyl, illicit weapons, or known terrorists are entering our country.
  4. Putin would never have invaded Ukraine. Trump showed the power necessary to keep Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran in check. All of these rogue countries are simmering
  5. There would still be 13 heroes alive who we needlessly lost in Afghanistan, and the Taliban would not be in charge of a country we tried to protect for twenty years.
  6. The Durham investigation would be moving forward, people would be paying for their part in the “real” Russian conspiracy, and Hunter Biden would be under investigation for selling access to and compromising his father.

We may not have sent our athletes to a sham Olympics in China, and there may only be women competing in the pools of NCAA swim meets. Masks would be off the faces of all school children and airline travelers. We would support the Police with more than talk, and Americans would feel safe going into large American cities.

If that is the America we could still have, give me the tweets, Facebook Posts, and Instagram messages. Last I knew, words never caused bodily harm, but Biden’s America is definitely painful.

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