23 Minutes of Mistruths. We Need a Misinformation Czar

By Ray Cardello for June 11, 2022 Season 11 / Post 16

After nearly 120 days, or the shelf life of four CNN+ networks, our President finally had a sit-down, one-on-one conversation with a hard-hitting journalist. Alright, it wasn’t a conversation because most of the President’s sentences were never completed. And it wasn’t really with a hard-hitting journalist but with a third-rate late-night talk show host who did everything but wear a Team Biden cheerleader outfit.

Joe Biden appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel Show on Wednesday night, and for 23 minutes and 5 seconds, he took shots at the Republican Party and Donald Trump. It was an embarrassing display and evidence of the poor leadership that is the trademark of his administration. He is projecting nearly all blame on the Right for the country’s plight. If not the Right, global effects are disturbing his policies from further success.

Despite historical gas prices, inflation, and supply chain issues digging into every American’s pocket, Biden still contends we have the fastest growing economy in the world. He felt they would be believable if he said those words three times. They are not.

In fact, the American economy contracted last quarter, which negates his claim of a bold economy. But let’s not let the facts get in the way of a Presidential Prime-Time appearance. Since he is already used to low ratings, he and Psaki may team up on MSNBC for a weekly show.

Kimmel is obviously a left-wing activist and was enamored with the President and the mask-wearing First Lady. He could have thrown in a few legitimate questions about gas prices, immigration, and maybe even the 100,000 Fentanyl deaths a year. But this was not an authentic interview, and this was an ill-prepared President who got lost during most of his answers. It was not a good show and definitely choreographed to make the President look good and the MAGA Crowd equally bad.

It is incredible how much Donald Trump lives in the heads of all Democrats. They can not stand on their own merits but must denigrate Republicans as the extremist party and the cause of the great divide in America. If not Biden, someone in this administration must have a reality check soon and see that a significant correction is needed. You cannot continue to claim successes that do not exist. The poll numbers show the American people are tuned in to what you are trying to hoodwink them.

As much as I could not tolerate or trust her, Jenn Psaki was the only hope of getting a coherent message out. With her baling on the team for a network payday, the second time down this path for her. Psaki’s replacement is a non-thinking reader and a bad one. The answer she chooses to read very rarely matches the question. Karine St Pierre is the poster child for this administration. She checks off three boxes, Woman, Black, Gay, but has not an ounce of competence.

Today, Biden continued his lies and rhetoric as he spoke about the new inflation numbers in Los Angeles. He tries to paint a positive picture of “his” economy as every person in the country is hurting from his destructive policies and decisions. Today, Biden went after his usual target, Putin. Still, he added the drug industry, shipping companies and their monopoly in the supply chain, and Congress for not being aggressive in curbing these profit hounds.

He does not realize or cares that whenever he attacks companies and capitalism, he echoes the Socialist doctrine. He keeps talking about his ability to bring down prices when he has no control unless he wants to adopt price controls. This was a bad week for the President, but aren’t they all? He must be getting used to them, but they are just making the country that much more anxious and upset.

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  1. Well stated. Upside would be :who really watched the interview? We all know the truth about the President in actions.