70 And Counting, How Many Will It Take

By Ray Cardello for November 25, 2023, Season 23 / Post 21

Since October 7, when Hamas breached the Israeli perimeter wall, slaughtered over 1,200 innocent Israelis, and took 250 hostages, there have been 70 attacks on American installations in the Middle East. Iranian satellite operators in Lebanon and Syria have carried out these attacks. There have been American casualties, but by the Grace of God, no casualties. Though the American military has incredibly mighty assets on the seas of the Middle East, we have seen little in the form of retaliation for these attacks. Why are we putting our carrier fleets and submarines in harm’s way if not to support our treasured troops and allies? Maybe Joe, Kirby, or KJP can answer that question.

We have had some minor attacks on Syrian or Lebanese infrastructure but nothing against the source of the missiles that have hit our bases. We are losing our image as the most powerful military machine on the planet and are now considered a Woke Administration that is afraid to use our assets. Maybe this is why recruitment numbers are at an all-time low. Who would want to volunteer to serve in some of the most volatile regions in the world, knowing that nobody has your back? This is not our parents’ armed services but a weak, hollowed-out version.

Our Commander in Chief, another reason recruitment is down is vacationing on Nantucket Island. He and the First Lady stepped out today for lunch and spoke to the press for the first time in days. He had little to offer when asked why none of the American hostages were released today or whether he was pressuring Netanyahu to extend the cease-fire. Let’s face it. He has little to say because he is not calling the shots. All he is doing is looking and reacting to the polls and the extreme pressure from the Radical Left wing of the Party. Joe Biden is not in charge, and those who need him reelected maintain their grip on the direction of our country’s continued demise. Those who can see through the smoke and mirrors are unnerved by what we see.

The Biden Administration has no problem injecting themselves into the battles of other countries, i.e., Ukraine and Israel. Yet, we fail to show strength to support our own country, assets, or sovereignty. Our military machine is still reeling from the Afghanistan debacle, and we must remember that Biden advised against the Bin Laden raid. We are showing no effort to secure our Border, and now we appear to take a passive role in securing American hostages held by Hamas. Biden sent every possible team member, including Pete Buttigieg and Randi Weingarten, to Ukraine and many to Israel. Under Biden, we talk a good game, but the world knows we are unprepared to back our talk. Under Reagan and Trump, we showed strength and a willingness to use our power to defend ourselves and our allies. We enjoyed peace under these Administrations. Under Obama and Biden, we have seen the opposite. We need to look no further than Russia, China, NOKO, and Iran to see our foes take advantage of our Paper Tiger, Joe Biden. We don’t know what it will take to push Biden to act, but obviously, 70 is not it.

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