SCOTUS Responsible For 32,000 Newborns

By Ray Cardello for November 26, 2023, Season 23 / Post 23

Alright, it isn’t just the Supreme Court, but the MAGA Republicans, Conservatives, and people who respect life, but it all started with the overturn of Roe v. Wade. In the two years since the Court shook the world and disappointed the Left Wing of the nation, there have been 32,000 more births and 32,000 fewer abortions. This data is according to three researchers from the Georgia Insitute of Technology and Middlebury College, who wrote their conclusions in a report published by the Institute of Labor Economics in Germany on Friday.

“As of November 1, 2023, 14 states are enforcing bans on abortion in nearly all circumstances, and 23 percent of U.S. women of reproductive age have experienced an increase in driving distance to the nearest abortion facility, from an average of 43 miles one-way before Dobbs to 330 miles at present,” the researchers wrote. “This represents the most profound transformation of the landscape of U.S. abortion access in 50 years,” they added. “The longer the driving distances to abortion clinics, the greater the increase in birth rates,” according to the report.

For instance, Texas, one of the 14 states to enforce near-total bans on the procedure, saw its fertility rates increase by 5.1 percent as its driving distance to the nearest abortion clinic increased by an average of 453 miles. Mississippi saw a 4.4 percent spike in birth rates, as the average increase in driving distance there was 240 miles after the state imposed its ban.

It is not just a case of mileage. Abortion is far more complex than an Uber ride to a clinic. Planned Parenthood is throwing a ton of money, our taxpayer money, at causes and candidates that are sympathetic to their plan. We must remember that the original purpose of Planned Parenthood was to lessen the number of Black births in the country. That was the reason most of the first Planned Parenthood clinics were in poor, predominantly Black inner cities. Early backers of Abortion were not concerned with women’s or reproductive rights but with racial cleansing. When are the Black and Brown communities going to smarten up and stop backing Democrats who have never cared about minorities?

In most issues, the pendulum swings, and it has favored the Left for many years. That weighted ball is beginning to swing the other way. The nation is starting to see a movement toward the middle. Blacks and Browns are polling in support of Republican policies. Even the younger vote is turning Red. The Left could not keep the nation hoodwinked forever, and the Border, crime, and the economy are proving the Left does not have the answers. The concern and money pouring into Ukraine and now Israel show the priorities are not on Americans. The promise of Student Loan Relief that bought so many votes for Democrats in 2022 proved a lie. The youth of America feel duped, and the sleight of hand has opened their eyes. They see the future as not being bright and the American Dream as not having a happy ending. There also seems to be a new respect for life. Laws in some states like Maine and Ohio may make it easier for women to end their pregnancy, but programs like preborn.com are gaining traction, and their message is resonating. And babies are being born, 32,000 beautiful babies that a few years ago may never have seen their mother’s smile.

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