A Broken Border Is Not The Same As A Broken Immigration System

By Ray Cardello for June 5, 2024, Season 26 / Post 45

This Biden administration and his minions have been lying to us since January 20, 2021. They have been working tirelessly to confuse the American people by convoluting the broken, wide-open southern border with a broken legal immigration system the government has not addressed since the Reagan administration. Whenever anyone presses the President on the chaos at our border, he gets defensive and says he has done all he can do and only Congress can give him the tools to close the border. Baloney! Biden created an open border on his first day with an executive order. Under Speaker McCarthy, the House passed H.R. 2 nearly two years ago, a comprehensive immigration bill sent to the Senate and buried by Chuck Schumer. Schumer refused to bring the bill to the floor for debate and vote, as they would rather gaslight the people, telling them the Republicans are standing in the way. Biden destroyed the border, and now he wants to ride in on his white horse to fix it.

Biden has said for years that if given the power and money, he would fix the border. Well, this afternoon, Biden will prove himself wrong as he plans to sign an executive order addressing the asylum issue that is creating a bottleneck at the border and pushing court dates for illegal crossers 5 to 7 years out. We all know the bleak chances of these “newcomers” ever seeing the inside of a courtroom unless they are arrested. Biden announced the signing of his executive order on Tuesday afternoon and started with a lie. Biden explained he has to take these dramatic steps because Republicans will not negotiate on a comprehensive immigration bill. That is absolutely false, but nobody calls him out on it. An immigration bill involves people coming into our country legally. It handles how many and who we let in. Legal immigrants are vetted, issued green cards, and placed on a path to citizenship. Immigration has nothing to do with people wading across the Rio Grande, crawling under concertina wire, and claiming asylum as they give themselves up to a border agent. These people have created their first illegal act in the United States with their actions and should not be lumped in with legal immigrants.

Biden continued to paint a vile picture of how MAGA Republicans will mishandle the border, which is why he has to take action to fix it himself. That is tantamount to me throwing a baseball through your living room window and then knocking on your door, saying I am the only person stepping up to fix your broken window. He spoke about Republicans tearing children from their mother’s arms and locking them in cages. First, you see the videos. Do you see any family units coming across the border or hundreds of single men? Secondly, the cages he refers to are the original Obama/ Biden cages, and to date, the Biden administration has lost over 85,000 minors in the system. It is suspected these children are now either in the illegal sex trade or underage labor force.

Nobody is inboard for this action. The Far Left is upset that the daily number was cut from 5,000, and the path to citizenship is unclear. The Right wants to know why now and why we are letting any illegals in.

Biden’s plan allows up to 2,500 illegals a day to enter our country before the border is closed. If the border is closed and secure, why are we allowing any illegals to enter? This executive order is a desperate Hail Mary as Biden continues to drop in the polls and he sees reelection slipping away. Had he not destroyed Trump’s plan out of spite on day one, he would not have to fix the problem. What Biden did today was show up to fix our window. Please do not give him the ball back.

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