Sesame Street And Navy Seals Celebrate Pride Month

By Ray Cardello for June 4, 2024, Season 26 / Post 44

I checked the calendar month by month, week by week, and every single day, and I could not find any mention of Heterosexual Pride. I must have somehow missed it. How could there be a month set aside to celebrate Gay Pride and the LGBTQI+ community and not celebrate the straight life?

I have previously written that I disagree with official days to honor a specific group or lifestyle. In a world that preaches equality, it is not only hypocritical but also a form of racism by drawing attention to and honoring a segment of the population above the masses. The only one I can agree with, but I think should be expanded, is October: Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Making the month Cancer Awareness Month would allow us to educate everyone on the warning signs of all cancers and draw attention to some ways we can avoid the causes of some forms of cancer. Breast, Prostate, Lung, Pancreatic, Colorectal, and even Skin are forms of cancer. We should all know the early warning signs, which is the key to survival.

Sorry for the tangent, but Pride Month especially concerns me because I see it as a celebration and a recruiting period. Two digital messages over the last few days prove that hypothesis. One was a social media post by the Navy Seals. The image listed six qualities that make a Navy Seal special but used the backdrop of the rainbow flag, which is symbolic of the LGBTQI+ community. Since Joe Biden took the oath, the military has been more concerned with diversity than assuring us we are protected by the most able and ready force our adversaries fear.

The more disturbing event was Sesame Street devoting an entire episode to the celebration of LGBTQI+. Sesame Street’s audience is preschool-age children who cannot comprehend the concept of sexuality, let alone variations that exist in society. My angst is exacerbated by the role of Sesame Street in the indoctrination of our children. Sesame Street is a production of PBS, which means our tax dollars are used for this campaign to turn young children on to options in sexuality.

Let’s look at the numbers. The percentage of U.S. adults who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual, or transgender has increased to 7.1%, with bisexual being the highest number of that group. Nearly 20% of adult Generation Z (born 1997-2003) identify as members of LGBTQI+, and 25% of high-school-age children, an alarming statistic, claim membership with LGBTQI+. These last two statistics indicate that the LGBTQI+ movement is growing steadily.

Many people feel this is a manufactured phenomenon and has been fueled by social media. This movement has grown tremendously in the last few years. I think of my days in high school, and nobody was admittedly gay. If there were, they bent under public pressure and kept their true identity under wraps. Social media is difficult to control, but we can do something with school-age children who are being pushed by their friends, social media, the education system, and government-funded media. That government arm has to stop immediately. What motivation does the government have to push people to alternative sexual styles? I do not have that answer, nor does anyone inside the circle.

It is difficult for us to impact the military except for one weapon: our vote. Donald Trump will end this WOKE movement in our military which is hurting our strength globally and has a direct influence on recruitment which is down in all branches of our armed services. Trump has also promised to take a sledgehammer to the Department of Education. The DOE was a cabinet addition under Jimmy Carter, which says a lot, but the department has been on steroids since its inception, and it is time to end this federal grip on education and give the power back to the people.. That sledgehammer must find some direct hits on the teacher’s unions. The union has done as much damage as the feds, and our children deserve better, and they do not need coaching at ages 3 and 4 on how to be gay or transgender. Our kids deserve a chance to be kids without indoctrination.

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