A Study in Leadership and Contrast

By Ray Cardello for March 8, 2022    Season 9 / Post 21


The senseless battle in Ukraine is nearly two weeks old. Almost 2.2 million Ukrainians, nearly 5% of the population, have fled this country that has become trapped by Russian troops Americans have known war, but not like we are witnessing this conflict. We are voyeurs on the battlefield, seeing death and destruction from the attack’s side. That is a big difference this time. We usually see coverage of conflict from the side of the attacker or oppressor. We now see scenes of fleeing civilians as they dodge incoming shells designed to take them out. It gives you a helpless feeling and a sick spot in your gut.
The desperation of the Ukrainian people is evident. But so is the show of the courage of these people who two weeks ago were living their daily lives. Today, they do not know if they will see tomorrow. But they fight. They line up for free weapons when they are available to defend their homeland and lives. These people are not trained soldiers, but they are learning quickly. These people are inspired by their leader, President Zelenskyy, who shows the world the meaning of leadership. He is with his people every day. He stands by their side in the fight and pleads with the world to come to the aid of Ukraine. He does not want the world to fight the battle for them. He asks for food, water, medicine, and weapons to sustain his people and their fight.
Zelenskyy is not a politician. He is a comedian and an actor that played the President on Ukrainian TV. He is an unlikely person to be in the position of helping to preserve his country. But he is the right man at the right time. He stands huge, addressing his people each day, not in the uniform of a President but the uniform of a warrior. His people will follow him to the gates of hell, and that is where they may have to go to beat the superior Russian military.
Zelenskyy presents a stark contrast to our President Joe Biden. Zelenskyy is as strong as Biden is weak. Zelenskyy has stayed in Kyiv, the target of assassins and the Russian military. Biden left Washington Friday afternoon for Delaware and has not been seen since. His hapless State of the Union speech last week is painfully apparent that he cannot motivate the country. Whispering “we are going to be okay” is not a battle cry to get Americans to meet the challenges we face. Our stock market and economy are tanking. Inflation and empty shelves are dragging down Americans. The meteoric increases in gas prices are turning people angry. All of these result from bad policies and poor leadership from Biden. Biden’s way of handling these challenges is to hide in his Delaware basement.

We are tired and frustrated from two years of the Pandemic and one year of Joe Biden. Our challenges grow daily, and we need someone to stand up and steer this ship safely back to normalcy and prosperity. We need a Zelenskyy and not a Biden. We deserve better than what we have. But unfortunately, we have to play the hand we were dealt. Right now, our hand is flush with jokers. We deserve better.

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