Gas Prices Are On Biden, Not Putin

By Ray Cardello for March 10, 2022    Season 9 / Post 23


The Biden Administration may be the most transparent ever, but that transparency exposes how they distort the truth or outright lie to America. President Joe Biden lies to the American people, and Jen Psaki echoes his lies. Any time Biden uses the term “let me be clear,” you can be assured that what comes next is a distortion of the truth.
Joe Biden’s energy policies harm Americans with record-high gas prices at the pump, but he is trying to blame Vladimir Putin and his unwarranted attack on Ukraine. The facts tell a different story, and unlike Biden, the facts are clear.
The chart below illustrates the constant rise in gas prices since Biden took office on January 20, 2021. This chart cuts off at $3.50/gallon, but the national average is over $4.25 and rises daily. Home heating fuel is also rising. The combination of energy and food price increases is estimated to cost the average family $3,000 in 2022. Most families do not have that extra money in their budget and will need to make cuts in spending elsewhere.
Biden took his pen to our energy independence on day one of his term. He stopped the Keystone Pipeline, not only cutting off the flow of oil from Canada but simultaneously destroying thousands of high-paying jobs. He also added restrictions that make it prohibitive for oil companies to drill on existing leased land Biden, and the Radical Left, want to eliminate fossil-fueled vehicles and has now found in Putin a deflection for the effort. Biden is thrilled with the rise in gas prices as it accelerates his call for electric vehicle alternatives. America and Americans are not ready or wanting for that transition.
Je Psaki uses a different term to preface her lies. She is a master of making false statements to Americans in every briefing. She cannot be more insulting to the journalists she is addressing or the Americans listening. Her choice is “let me give you the facts though they may be inconvenient for you.” She claims we are a net exporter of energy (lie), producing a record amount of barrels a day (lie), and that oil companies are to blame for not drilling on the thousands of land leases that exist (lie).  
Biden, Harris, and Psaki are all using this gas price crisis to push the need to transition to electric vehicles. Americans cannot afford the high price of these vehicles, and the charging infrastructure is not in place. The batteries for these vehicles use Cobalt and Nickel from China and Ukraine, respectively. Future supply problems for those elements are obvious.
Americans are resilient and will make sacrifices for a just cause. If the increase in gas prices were due to the Ukraine conflict and banning oil from Russia, they would pay the price. But knowing that this crisis is because of more mismanagement by Biden and his administration is angering the American public. Already tired, frustrated and stressed from two years of COVID, America needed relief, not Biden incompetence.

Congress and Governors show signs of stopping Biden’s miscues and taking steps to legislate around his policies. This effort has to work and deserves our support. Biden is not only out of control but is inflicting harm on this country and has to be stopped. That is clear and an inconvenient fact, period.



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