Are We Ready for Flag Draped Coffins?

US officials describe suicide bombing, 'complex attack' at Kabul airport |  On Air Videos | Fox News

By Ray Cardello for August 27, 2021 Season 3 / Post 24

Our worst fears have been realized. President Joe Biden’s horrendous blunder has turned into tragedy as multiple American military personnel have been killed in Kabul. What will Joe Biden say to the families of our fallen as they arrive at Andrews Air Force Base in flag-draped coffins? There is nothing he can say, and it would be prudent for him not to be at Andrews to receive these heroes. These casualties and those that may follow are squarely on the Commander in Chief, Joe Biden, who has failed them. He has failed us all.

We can use words to describe the activities occurring in Kabul. We can opine about the actions of Joe Biden and his administration. We cannot, however, accurately describe the damage that Joe Biden has done to America. He has embarrassed and weakened us on the world stage. Biden has put us in a position where we are bending to the will of a terrorist gang of thugs. He has turned his back on thousands of Afghans who have supported our efforts over the last twenty years. He is signing a death warrant for the people left behind when we leave Afghanistan on August 31, 2021. These are the facts. What we cannot ascertain are the ramifications.

Bombs exploded in Kabul on Thursday. The international community blames ISIS K for these suicide attacks. Sadly, the White House depended on the Taliban to control ISIS K. That is the equivalent of the Bloods containing the Crips. The one thing that Joe Biden can claim credit for is uniting the Right and Left. The consensus from both sides is that Biden owns this fiasco. One thing that will grow in the days ahead is the belief and reality that Joe Biden is not fit to lead this country.

Compounding the bloody situation in Afghanistan is the abandonment of Bagram Air Force Base and its state-of-the-art facilities. Kabul does not have the medical facilities or personnel to treat victims of conflict. The carnage from these bombings has already overloaded the hospitals of Kabul. This deficiency of available services will add to the casualties. That, too, is a product of Biden’s failed plan.

The images are coming in this afternoon. Bodies stacked, bloodied, and dismembered. People are milling about helplessly with no medical help insight. Four Marines have been reported killed, and any security that had existed at the airport is gone. The thought we may still be able to get Americans and Afghans out by the 31st may be wishful thinking. Everyone knew this was inevitable. The Brits, Germans, even the Pentagon warned the President of attacks by ISIS K, but we were not ready to defend our position. To be prepared would presume a plan. We have no plan. We have a fiasco.

We know we have five days left until the Taliban imposed deadline. We are not in control but can be assured that the news will get worse. There is no avoiding that reality. We are spectators to this story being written. We can only pray for those who are still in Afghanistan and hope for divine intervention for their safe exit.

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