Complicit or Incompetent

By Ray Cardello for August 26, 2021 Season 3 / Post 23

With each passing press briefing and the simultaneous news reports, we have to ask a fundamental question. Are all of the administration, State Department, and Pentagon members complicit in this American disaster in Afghanistan, or are we looking at the largest group of incompetent individuals to ever lead this country? Each day, we feel more helpless as we watch news clips of people stranded at the airport with time running out for them to be rescued. I have not had this feeling of failure of our government since the pullout of Saigon.

We are constantly told of the might of our military. We are constantly told that we are feared around the globe. But now, we are being pushed around by a militant gang in Afghanistan. We allowed the Taliban to take over Afghanistan in just four days, and now we are being controlled by this Gang as we try to recover our citizens and CIVs. We will not succeed in this mission, and we will be creating the most enormous hostage situation of all time. So much for the military might of America.

We already see the Taliban driving down the streets of Kabul in the equipment we abandoned. We have given the Taliban enough equipment to make them one of the world’s top ten equipped military forces. All of this equipment is paid for by the citizens of the United States. We are making this the worst use of tax dollars in history. 

Biden, Harris, Blinken, Kirby, and even Psaki claim responsibility for the Greatest Airlift in History. That is how they are spinning this debacle. Planes are leaving Kabul empty. Americans and Afghans are assaulted while approaching the airport. Many are having their papers and passports taken from them. People are being tortured and killed by the Taliban for assisting the Americans. Our government disavows all of this activity.

The Taliban is being talked about as a government. They are a militant terrorist gang. Our CIA has met with them, which gives them credibility. Secretary Blinken says that we will use every diplomatic tool in the box to recover anyone that needs help after we leave. What diplomatic recourse do we have with thugs? None and shame on anyone who says we will hold the Taliban responsible for anything. The Taliban is in control of Afghanistan because Joe Biden screwed up. Robert Gates, Defense Secretary under Obama, said, “Joe Biden has been wrong on every major foreign policy decision for forty years .” Robert Gates continues to be correct.

There will be no good end to this operation. The Taliban is calling the shots and will not allow any American presence after August 31st. We will not get all Americans, identified Afghans, and our Military personnel out. What then? We will have no recourse, and those left will be at the mercy of the Taliban, and the Taliban does not know the meaning of mercy.

We can give the administration credit for talking from the prepared script. You can hear the angst in the voice of Jen Psaki and the lack of commitment in the voices of Blinken and Kirby. As for Kamala Harris, the only words of wisdom from her this week have been to get your Christmas shopping done early! Joe Biden reads from the teleprompter daily and walks away gingerly as questions are thrown at him. George Stefanopolous is the only person worthy of asking a question of our Commander in Chief. Only Biden knows why, and he’s not talking.

Complicit or Incompetent

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