ASU, Take a Stand and Expel These Ignorant “Students”

By Ray Cardello for November 30, 2021 Season 7 / Post 21

It is time for an institute of higher education to teach a hard lesson to students who are making demands and presenting ultimatums to initiate change. These ignorant students attend a college or university for maybe four years, and they want to leave their mark forever. I use the term ignorant because they do not even research the basis for their demands. They are immature, pampered children who are used to getting their way by throwing a tantrum. It is time some university president give them a life lesson. It is not about them, and the world is not here to bend a knee to them.

Radical progressive student groups at Arizona State University are demanding that Kyle Rittenhouse be expelled because he is a white supremacist and a blood-thirsty murderer who threatens their safety. Kyle Rittenhouse is not even present on their campus. Rittenhouse is attending ASU virtually, and if that is a threat to these ranting students, disconnect their high-speed broadband, and the danger is eliminated.

When students decide on their destination for college, they are based on curriculum, geography, preparedness for the workplace, and possibly the institution’s philosophy. If you are an atheist or agnostic, Notre Dame may not be the school for you. Please do not plan on going to South Bend to get The Irish to sever their ties with the Jesuits. When you make your choice, you accept all that that school offers and represents. A student is accepted to a school to attend and to be educated. You are not invited to change the philosophy of the school. It is time for a president to stand up and say NO…..get back to class and know your place.

These kids at ASU need two things. One is to be educated on the judicial system, and the other is to be put into their place. Kyle Rittenhouse was tried and found not guilty by a twelve-person jury of his peers. There is no do-over. He is found not guilty forever, and his case cannot be retried. There was no racial component to his case. He is white, as are the three people who attacked him. There were no people of color involved. He is not a white supremacist. He also was found to be acting in self-defense. He is not a cold-blooded murderer. These children need to apprise themselves of the facts and then accept the verdict. That is the system, and it works.

Students need to be focused on their role. They are at a college for an education. They are not there to rally and protest. If they do not like the school, transfer. They are inflating their importance to think a school should change to meet their ideals, and it is past time for school administrators to push back. Call it part of the learning process. Point out to these young people that they have overstepped their place. They have no authority other than to insist on quality education for their money. Nothing else beyond. Let’s see if someone finally has the guts to stand up and say no.

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  1. Hi Ray,

    They say that too much soy in the diet decreases testosterone. Maybe some of these (male) college administrators have a diet high in soy. Sad to say that most administrators today lare spineless quivering piles of meaningless protoplasm.