Forget COVID, The Cure is Worse

By Ray Cardello for December 1, 2021 Season 7 / Post 22

We are quickly approaching the second anniversary of our COVID-19 captivity. Who thought we would need to change the name to COVID-21 or 22. Let’s stop naming it. It obviously likes the attention. It is time to pull the plug on COVID Phobia.

Joe Biden went to the podium yesterday to address the threat of the new Omicron strain discovered in Southern Africa. He used the moment to push vaccinations, booster shots, and masks. Amazingly, he was touting masks when he was seen last Saturday shopping in a crowded shop in Nantucket without a mask. Forgetful or hypocritical? You decide, but it is not the first time.

Since day one of the Pandemic, we have debated the efficacy of masks and that boosters are recommended at a frequent interval. This does not speak to the effectiveness of the vaccine. We are looking at the second strain of COVID, and nobody seems to be looking for a modified vaccine. Why are the states with the most significant number of COVID cases the Blue States with the most restrictions? Does that speak to a link between regulations interfering with bodies creating natural immunities that come with exposure? There is enough data about states with restrictions versus “free” states to prove that we need to be taking a hands-off approach to COVID. Restrictions are just a display of power. Science no longer supports them.

There have been many casualties of COVID. There have been more deaths under Biden than there were under Trump. Biden called for Trump to resign because of the death toll. Should Biden now take his own advice? To not is pure hypocrisy. There have been other casualties for thousands of Americans, and they did not have COVID. People have lost businesses or jobs. They have lost friends and relatives because of the divisiveness made worse by COVID. People are less healthy due to stress, weight gain, increased use of drugs and alcohol. Depression and suicides are on the rise. All places of worship have seen huge drops in attendance. We have become a very sad and isolated society due to the restrictions we have had placed on us for two years. We are ready to break out of captivity. We need to do this for survival and to prosper once again.

The best thing the government can do is get out of our way. They feel that by controlling us, they are helping us. Help us less and let America, the greatest country and collection of people globally, lead the way out of this Pandemic. Strains of COVID-19 may be with us for some time. That is the nature of the virus, but each strain will be weaker.

The virus, like any health threat, should be a concern, not a panic. The Governor of New York has put a state of emergency in play. This decree is without a single case of Omicron in the state. A call has gone out to halt elective surgery, claiming a need for all personnel to fight COVID. This action is using a situation to mask the truth. The reality is that hospitals are suffering from staff shortages due to mask mandates. Bad government decisions and regulation has created the problem.

The supply chain problem is another example of government intervention augmenting a problem. California has a mask mandate for truckers. There was already a shortage of drivers, and now interstate drivers are avoiding California because of mandates. That is why the cargo containers are backing up in L.A. and Long Beach. There are no trucks to pick them up. Please, help us less.

We need to get back to normal and not a normal that involves masks, social distancing, and booster shots. We might find ourselves a lot healthier and happier if we can see the person’s face extending their hand or giving us a warm embrace. Joe Biden, thanks for your help, but we have had enough, and we will take it from here.

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  1. I could write a comment here refuting most of your talking point mistruths that would be almost as long as this drivel. I have neither the time or energy to do so.

  2. I could write a reply comment here that would refute a lot of the mistruths you have stated. I have neither the time nor the energy to waste my time with your drivel.

    • Thanks for your comments. Just wondering why you bother. You probably think Kyle Rittenhouse is guilty and Chris Cuomo was wrongly suspended. We obviously have different perceptions of the truth.

      • I bother because I like to consider all viewpoints to try to understand my fellow man. I do not think Kyle is guilty. The jury found him innocent. He is only guilty of being a 17 year old moron that some Republicans are trying to make a hero.

    • Geno, if you feel that way, why respond at all? You are a typical leftist who cannot back up your thoughts except with emotional “drivel”. What’s next, name calling? That will change the subject (to defray from your lack of knowledge) too! Leftists like you are boring because you cannot support your “feelings” with data, science, and truth.

      • I am actually a conservative. Just not the type of conservative that employs the methods that you just accuse me of. Check some of my previous replies to this thread before you go off uninformed. Thank you.

  3. I am actually a conservative. Just not the type of conservative that uses the methods that you just tried to describe me with. Check out some of my previous comments and you will see that I only reply with facts, not emotions as you just did. Thank you.

  4. Really? How mature. I am a conservative who would never respond to someone like you did not knowing any context. Read my previous replies if you want greater insight. Thank you

  5. So Geno your reply comment saying that you could reply comment but choose not to was mature? Oh btw, more covid deaths this year WITH VACCINES, compared to last year WITHOUT ANY VACCINES,. More adverse effects and DEATHS with these vaccines than the past 30 years of all vaccines combined. Please explain, of course, when you can get the time.