Biden Given Recipe for Success, He Burned the Soup

By Ray Cardello for August 7, 2021 Season 3 / Post 4

Joe Biden was given the tools to navigate America out of the COVID Pandemic. Donald Trump unleashed the pharmaceutical industry, and they delivered three vaccines in months when it usually would have taken years. The stockpile of PPE and respirators was brought back to a level that will survive another wave of COVID. In January, Joe Biden took over a war plan that would get America on track to normal, and he ran it off the rails.

There is no way America could fall back in so many measurable metrics unless it was done on purpose. It is evident at the seven-month mark that the Biden Administration intended to halt the progress. Biden intended to put America back into a subservient position where it is dependent on the government. Having people dependent on the government is the game plan of the Democrat party. This is what they have done with the Black and Brown sectors of the country for years. By keeping people dependent on government subsidies, the Democrats have been the voting choice of these repressed groups. When Trump was so successful in growing support with Black and Brown voters, the Democrats had to step up their game.

This need for future support is why Biden and the Democrats have opened the gates at the Border to let in an unfettered flow of immigrants from Central America and over 100 other countries. Democrats do not see these people as immigrants but as future voters. This is also the same reason that Biden does not want refugees from Cuba to enter this country. Cubans tend to be more Conservative, not fitting the Democrat model of growing support for Democrats. Mexicans are wanted, Cubans, not so much.

Joe Biden has Republican Governors calling him out on his failures of the last seven months. Governor Greg Abbott of Texas and Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida have been the most vocal, and the situation now is almost confrontational. Biden has taken the approach of labeling and insulting these two Governors. Interesting, since this is the tactic that Trump sometimes used that so enraged the Left. Biden has used terms like Neanderthal and Irresponsible when referring to the two Governors and how they govern their states.

This rhetoric from Biden has not sat well with the Right and has resulted in growing support nationally for the two State Executives. Abbott and DeSantis have gone on the offensive. They are not only defying any directives from Biden but challenging him to do his job and secure our Border before preaching to the country on how we need to handle COVID.

Politically, it appeared that Biden was making these attacks to put down two men who are seen as challengers to Biden in 2024. Like most of Biden’s efforts, it is not working and is actually strengthening Abbott’s support, and especially for DeSantis. DeSantis is definitely the top Republican right now and on track to be the nominee. It is early, but he is separating himself from the pack.

As for Biden, his strength with the Left had always been with his handling of COVID. He was seen as the man who could unite the country after guiding us out of the Pandemic. That guided tour has hit a massive bump in the road, and Biden is proving to be unable to deliver or unite. The Border continues to be a failure, with thousands crossing daily and the infection rate amongst the migrants still at 10%. Though the stock market is still strong, unemployment, re-employment, and inflation are not. Energy prices are still on the rise, and the Keystone Pipeline’s stopping may prove to be a foolish decision. Schools are in jeopardy of not opening in September, and the Teacher’s Unions are proving to be a challenge for Biden. Kamala Harris is not doing well on her own and is becoming a negative to the Administration. The overall poll numbers for Biden and Harris are both upside down and falling fast. At this rate, the Democrats may be looking for someone to challenge the current team in 2024. That will be a severe problem as many fear that the country has already swung too far left, and any challenge to Biden would be from someone even more radical than the President. God help us if that happens, but it might also guarantee the Republicans reclaiming the White House.

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  1. Typo Alert…”Abbott and Biden have gone on the offensive”… nice column Ray!