Let’s Combine Vax ID With Voter ID

By Ray Cardello for August 6, 2021 Season 3 / Post 3

Wow. I just watched a montage of Main Stream Media commentators tear into anyone who has yet to be vaccinated. You would think these folks are the worst scourge to hit the world since Adolf Hitler and Pol Pot. This issue has become the newest focus of the left media as it is the perfect reason not to report on the failed Biden Vaccination plan, Kamala Harris’ failed Border Initiative, and the spiraling poll numbers for both.

This issue is not simply commentary from these talking heads. This is an all-out assault on everyone who has not gotten vaxxed, regardless of the reason, and there are many. Foremost is personal choice and liberty. These folks who scream that abortion is the right of any woman and nobody should dare tell them what to do with their bodies are now flipping the scenario. You may have already had COVID and do not need the shot. You may be a young man or woman concerned about the long-lasting side effects. You may have health issues or religious beliefs that prevent you from injecting the vaccine into your body. The reason is of no concern to these folks starving for ratings on CNN and MSNBC. As far as they are concerned, your motivation does not matter. They have no problem telling all that you are a criminal if you do not take the vaccine. As a matter of fact, according to Joy Behar, you are a Trump-loving white supremacist. Ahh, let’s heal the country.

It is not just media people making these wild charges. Isn’t it rich that two of the lowest-rated politicians in the country are going on offense? Bill DiBlasio and Gavin Newsom have taken their shots at criminalizing the unvaxxed. It is more difficult for the media to talk about Recall Elections and Vaccine Passports to get into any public venue when taking the shots.

The irony is that the left has their facts and story all wrong. It is not the white right-leaning that have been reluctant to get vaccinated. In New York City, 70% of the black population is not vaccinated. Who is going to step up to call these folks white supremacists? Nobody, of course. But they do not hesitate to label any white person who has opted not to get the vaccine a killer, criminal, white supremacist. I would say it gets old, but it is beyond that now. It is insulting, lazy, offensive, and it is off base.

This topic has two parallel lives. The truth and what the media and left-leaning politicians want you to believe. What they think is what fits their agenda. The purpose of the talking points for the Main Stream Media is whatever will excite the left. I sincerely believe that the MSM does not want this issue to fade away. They want the divisiveness for that keeps the majority of the left coming back to the Democrat party. Remember, the longer they can keep the majority of the population oppressed and dependent, they have the fuel to regenerate the party and keep them in power.

So for a Party that has been preaching the difficulty for the low-income population to obtain a Voter ID, now wants admittance to any indoor activity dependent on a Vaxx ID. According to the Left, this type of requirement is discriminatory. Any extension of this program to extend to a voting district is a legal nightmare. We have seen in the last year how much the Democrats love controversy. They usually use it as a tool to hide what is essential. The comparison between the Vaxx ID and Voter ID shows the hypocrisy of the left. Maybe this is starting to be seen by more than Conservatives. If the recent poll numbers tell us anything, the faith in Biden to succeed is waning. Jimmy Carter needs to look out for Biden as Joe will soon take the number one slot as the worst President in our history. Let’s hope for only one term for Biden. We might not survive two.

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