Biden Is Taxing the Rich, and Everyone Else

By Ray Cardello for April 19, 2022. Season 10 / Post 13

This new universal tax is not on Putin. Biden says he cannot mitigate it, but he sure could fan the flames. Though he said he would only tax the ultra-rich, his new tax hurts the poor the most. Joe has a name for his new tax, “Inflation.” In fifteen months, Biden has given us the highest inflation rate in forty years. Biden and his supporters are trying desperately to deflect blame, but it is not working. The one thing they can do is manipulate the number and keep pointing the finger at anyone who people might believe. 

First, he tried Putin, but that did not stick. Then he went after the big oil companies, but the oil companies have become a group worthy of sympathy by the American people. So, now he is telling anyone who will listen that the President’s hands are tied to inflation, and his impact on the number would be negligible. We all know that is a lie.

There are three things he could do immediately that would have a tremendous positive impact:

  • Open the Keystone Pipeline, allow drilling with fewer restrictions, and get us back to energy independence
  • Stop pumping money into the system. More money does not bring down inflation, it fuels it, and this shows how little Dems know about economics
  • Stop promoting the Build Back Better plan, as even Democrats know that putting more money into the system adds to inflation numbers.

I did a post on inflation some time ago, and the number is a sham. The Rate of Inflation or Consumer Price Index (CPI) is a manipulated and manufactured number. It compares a breadbasket of consumer categories from one point in time to another. The current rate of 8.5% is the highest in forty years but is meaningless. We all know that prices in the supermarket or a gallon of gasoline are much higher than 8.5% because neither category is included in the calculation.

Since the 80s, food prices and energy costs are not categories included in the calculation. When Biden or anyone else refers to them as part of the problem, they admit they do not understand it. This is not a surprise when you talk about Biden/Harris, but why don’t journalists challenge these people? It is so discouraging.

The rich do not care about the cost of gasoline or a dozen eggs. They may notice the price increase, but they can afford it without sacrificing elsewhere in their budget. Not so for low/middle-income people. For these people, those price increases may force a choice between essentials and food or whether they can afford that weekend road trip to the beach.

So, let’s stop the big lie. If you don’t understand the problem, yield to someone who does. If you don’t think you can impact the problem, get out of the way of someone who does. If you cannot tell the American people the truth, admit you are not adequate for the job, get over it, and out of the way.

Joe Biden and, I presume, Kamala Harris will have to answer these questions as NO if they are being honest. That is our problem. The two most powerful people in the free world would rather lie or redirect the blame than solve the problem. Welcome to Jimmy Carter 2.0. This will not end well.

 This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com 

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