The Left Says Democracy Needs More Censorship

By Ray Cardello for April 18, 2022 Season 10 / Post 12

You cannot make this garbage up, and I thank these talking airheads for the daily material they deliver for us. For years, the Left has been fighting the accusation that Twitter, Facebook, and the msm lean their way. The clothes are now off the emperor as Brian Stelter, Joy Reid, and the ladies of The View are concerned that someone wants to even the playing field. They have enjoyed it being tilted their way and will spew, lie, and say whatever they must to keep Elon Musk from buying Twitter.

Are these people ignorant of our history and need a refresher, or did they never learn it initially? The Founding Fathers saw so much importance in free speech and press that they wrote to protect both in the first article of the Bill of Rights. In unison, these anti-journalists are claiming Twitter reverting to a free speech forum will destroy democracy. Let’s look at some of the ludicrous statements.

The world’s richest man someone who used to be compared to Marvel’s Iron Man is increasingly behaving like a movie supervillain, commanding seemingly unlimited resources with which to finance his mischief making. Axios 

Today on Twitter feels like the last evening in a Berlin nightclub at the twilight of Weimar Germany. Jeff Jarvis

I am frightened by the impact on society and politics if Elon Musk acquires Twitter. He seems to believe that on social media anything goes. For democracy to survive, we need more content moderation, not less. Max Boot

Pillars of democracy: * Free and fair elections * Separation of powers * Equal rights for all US citizens * Content moderation on Twitter. Nate Silver

To most people, the words and actions of people in the mainstream media are a peek into the inner sanctum. There has always been a bias in the media, and over time, it lost its equilibrium and more outlets than Left than Right. You have to dig deep to find any other than FOX and SKY that are more balanced with a Right lean. Big cities used to have Conservative and Liberal newspapers, but you will find most to be Left other than the NY Post. There is no veil of secrecy here. These outlets are committed to their side, and thus the problem with Twitter going straight.

The real problem is that most casual viewers do not see the slant. Most people do not understand the difference between news and opinion broadcasting. They believe each word even though it is repeated verbatim by most commentators. Then there are some like Cuomo, Lemon, Reid, and Maddow that think they are facts when, in reality, they are fiction.

The consistency of their erroneous reporting or opinion over the last six years is finally catching up. That is why they are dropping in the ratings and dropping in numbers. Rachel Maddow is not going to one night because she is good. She has bilked MSNBC for a huge undeserved contract, and like Biden, the less the exposure, the less the chance for error.

It does amaze me that Twitter was someone’s fun idea for an alternative to Facebook for people to express themselves. Now its existence is a matter of world security. Sorry, it should not be that important other than because we all gave it the power. Now we have to realize it has a life of its own. 

 This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com 

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