Education, Affirmation, or Indoctrination

By Ray Cardello for April , 2022    Season 10 / Post


The battle lines are clear and defined, but the motives are not. The Radical Left, Educators, and the Media feel that teaching alternative sexual lifestyles is appropriate for children as young as preschool. The same groups also believe that teaching gender choice to those same children is also fair game.
Most Americans support the parents who want to restrict or stop these subjects in elementary grades and be notified of any such changes in the curriculum. They know that these topics should be discussed between the parents and their children and that it is not the job of an educator. But why would a teacher want to broach sexual topics with a six or seven-year-old? Why do they need to explore if eight-year-old Tommy should be on hormone treatments and consider castration because he wants to be Amy deep down? At eight, he doesn’t even understand deep down.
We all know that the education system has been more about indoctrination than education for years. It has worked as K-12 and universities are turning out America hating Socialists disguised in cap and gowns. That satisfied their desire to evolve America into a more global thinking society But what is the purpose of gender-neutralization? Why do we need to do away with gender identity and attack elementary-age students in no psychological or maturity state to consider their “true” gender? Is this an affirmation of their beliefs and projection on their students? This movement is where there is no explanation and no view of the end-game. But this is where the educators may have finally crossed the line, and the Woke has awakened the parents.
The government is complicit in the Woke efforts and doing so under the guise of protecting the civil rights of children. Maybe they should turn their attention to protecting children from the sexual predators disguised as educators. There are many examples of this government support, but two that came to light this week are egregious for multiple reasons.
As reported on FOX News Digital:
New Jersey public school students as young as 10 could be taught that puberty blockers are an acceptable way to “manage” puberty and that masturbating “a few times a day” is a healthy way to relieve stress, according to sample lesson plans being reviewed by state school districts.
New Jersey public school students as young as second grade will be getting lessons related to gender identity under state sex education guidelines that will take effect in September. Multiple sample lesson plans, which were given to parents at the Westfield Board of Education’s Feb. 22 meeting, appear to be reflective of the state’s new, broader sex education curriculum. 
Gov. Murphy told Fox News on Monday that parents should “absolutely” have a say in their kids’ education but that “some are using this as an opportunity to score political points and to further divide us – us vs. them – and I say that on behalf of the LGBTQIA+ communities.”
This is an example of a video included in the curriculum:

These additions to NJ school curriculums could go live in September.
The situation in Alabama is troubling on multiple levels but for a different reason. Here the state is taking steps to protect young students in grades K-5.
The state legislature recently passed two bills aimed at protecting the innocence and well-being of children. The first would ban doctors from performing “gender reassignment surgery” on minors. Minors cannot consent to sexual activity, so it stands to reason that they also cannot consent to having their genitals permanently mutilated.
The second bill would ban “instruction” on sexuality and gender identity in schools between kindergarten and fifth grade.
This pro-active state legislation caught the attention of the White House, and they plan to take action. According to outgoing spokesperson Jen Psaki, who may already be under contract with MSNBC, the President will be asking the Department of Justice and Health and Human Services to launch an investigation into the Alabama lawmakers who supported these bills.
To be clear, the Executive Branch is to weaponize the Justice Department, i.e., the FBI, to investigate state lawmakers supporting legislation merely because they disagree with the state. The President has no right to involve himself or any federal government tools against state legislators. This action by the White House is consistent with the FBI investigating parents who disagreed with local school boards. Secondly, why are we not using the power of the government to support the children instead of liberal, Woke educators?
This last question is one I am sure will be on bumper stickers and mailings of many Republican candidates this fall. It is a question I think Democrats will have a difficult time answering.

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