Biden Rhetoric Threatens Justices

 By Ray Cardello for May  6, 2022          Season 10 / Post 30

The Great Unifier. The Great Healer. The man who could bring civility and normalcy to the White House has failed again. Joe Biden’s failure is putting nine men and women in grave danger. The six conservative justices have been doxxed, their home addresses published for anyone to see. This situation is serious, and nobody anywhere near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has the competence or will to solve it. When Jen Psaki was asked if President Biden condemns the leak or actions by leftist groups, she said no. She said this is a Supreme Court issue. WHAT??????
The Democrat Party, led by Joe Biden, is now a rogue, progressive, unified party. They were the moderates and the radicals, but no longer. In not condemning this week’s actions, they are complicit and, by their silence, encouraging it. I still contend that they orchestrated all of it.
Joe Biden went to the microphone on Wednesday and, in one of his most coherent deliveries, condemned all MAGA Republicans as the most radical group in America’s history. As Hillary Clinton said in 2016, when she referred to Republicans as a Basket of Deplorables, she alienated one-half of the country. That one moment and comment is pointed to by many as the day Hillary lost to Donald Trump. We may look to May 4th as the day Biden alienated one-half of the country and delivered Congress to the Republicans.
This is so infuriating as the White House is not only doing anything to throw water on this fire, but they are throwing gasoline on the fire. They will not condemn the action and divert any responsibility to the court and the justice department?. As far as Jen Psaki is concerned, the leak is not an issue. It is a threat to women’s rights that is the primary issue of their concern.
Just last year, when the IRS had a similar leak, Jen Psaki and President Biden were quick to condemn any leak of any government entity as being a grave situation. But it appears that since this situation at the Supreme Court is helping the White House and fundraising for all Democrats, it is not a problem, but it’s going to be allowed to fester.
When are we going to wake up to the practices of the government? They fabricate the story and coordinate with mainstream media and propagate their story. They create a narrative and then a DISINFO Czar to moderate the truth. This is such a charade that it should insult every American, not just the Conservatives. I watch the White House briefings and cringe as Jen Psaki speaks for the administration but is mocking the press.
Jen Psaki is toying with the media as she is probably under contract with MSNBC. Biden is already naming Psaki’s replacement. As Psaki is double-dipping from the government and a failing MSNBC, she does her best to discredit FOX News. Her actions are obvious to anyone unless their primary news source is one of the three-letter networks.
I pray for the safety of all of the justices, as I hope you do too. To have one of our justices injured or worse by some fanatic is beyond comprehension. Our prayers are for all of them and that they have the fortitude to survive this attack. And that they do not bend a knee to the pressure applied to them.
 This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com 

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