Presidential Fear Factor on Steroids

By Ray Cardello for May 7, 2022 Season 10 / Post 31

This orchestrated assault on the United States Supreme Court by the White House and mainstream media has gone into Level 1 Fear Factor. Though the leak was a draft and not the final opinion, It appears the Left is acknowledging that the reversal of Roe V. Wade is inevitable. The next step for them is to promote protesting, destruction, propaganda, and fear. Fear is a powerful emotion, and since Democrats operate on feelings rather than facts, fear is the right tool for hapless leaders to use on ignorant followers.

If, and that is a big IF, the Left had actually read the leaked document, they would know that the overturning of Roe does not outlaw abortion but takes it out of the Federal Arena and puts it back on the states. It also states that this opinion is narrowly focused on abortion and does not extend to other social topics. If this opinion is finalized, as in its draft state, a woman will still be able to abort her unborn child with restrictions based on the term of the pregnancy. There will be states with more significant restrictions than others, but that exists now.

Let’s dig into some of the words, actions, and inactions of the President, media, and various people on the Left.

  1. The home addresses of the Conservative Justices have been published, and protestors have taken the liberty of infringing on the personal space of these jurists. These protests have been peaceful but instilled fear in the families and staff.
  2. The President and Jen Psaki refuse to condemn the act of doxing the justices or protesting near their homes.
  3. The White House will not condemn the leaker but states the info leaked was important enough to justify the action.
  4. The President uses his new term MAGA Radicals to define Republicans and label them as misinformers. 
  5. Hillary Clinton has gone to the media to claim that the rights of women, people of color, or people of alternative sexual orientation are all threatened by this out-of-control, power-hungry Supreme Court.
  6. The mainstream media is in sync with every message emanating from the White House.

I cannot express how strongly I feel this entire situation is a choreographed performance by the White House and the Democrat Party. This has been done to salvage some seats and minimize the damage they know is coming in November because of the poor performance of the Biden administration and the resulting record-low favorability ratings. They have created an October Surprise in May, knowing how volatile the Abortion issue is to Americans. They have stimulated their supporters who have been disappointed in the President and opened up the money spigots. They are raising money at a record pace. 

The safety of the Justices has to be a concern of all Americans. And the laissez-faire approach by the White House is disturbing and troubling but shows the opportunity this leak has offered the Left is more important than the safety of five Conservative Justices. That is sad and makes you question the humanity of the President and the Left.

 This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com 

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