Biden Takes Shot at Crime, Misses Target

By Ray Cardello for February 5, 2022 Season 8 / Post 37

I am not sure Joe Biden ever shot a firearm, but these days, forget the bullseye, he cannot even hit the target. On Thursday, he met with Mayor Adams of New York City and addressed the leadership of the NYPD. The reason for the visit and address was to outline the President’s plan to attack the rising crime in our major cities. He took the easy way out and focused on illegal guns and throwing Federal money at the problem. His focus is the same we have been hearing from Democrats for years, and it fails to address the root causes. The Dems love root causes when someone attacks our lack of border security, but they do not want to touch them with rising crime. When it comes to crime, Dems only know guns.

During the campaign in 2020, Biden never uttered the words defund the Police, but he did say that funds should be reallocated. Semantics. He flipped through the pages of his loose-leaf binder as he spoke. He had to read the words because none of them came from his soul. He latched onto the Radical Left and Black Lives Matter to get elected, but now that his poll numbers are tanking, he is singing a different tune.

He said nothing about gangs. He said nothing about the growing drug trade. There was no mention of feckless District Attorneys not enforcing the laws. It was the monotonous drone of guns and how the second amendment is not absolute. The President addressed the need for more comprehensive background checks, which only work for legal gun deals. The problem is not legal guns but people who break the law and can still get guns.

Not once did he call out the Squad and their continued call for defunding and dismantling police forces. The Democrats who threw gasoline on civil unrest are not the people to pull us out of this crime wave. We will need grassroots efforts at all levels to root out people like DA Bragg and replace them with people who will enforce the rule of law. With the help of BLM, their mission is how we got to this point.

The President was excited to announce the Federal Government is committing $500 Million to fight this crime wave. It sounds like a considerable amount but is just over $1 per citizen. Peanuts. In comparison, there is $65 Billion in the infrastructure bill for broadband internet. That is $65 BILLION for internet streaming but only $500 Million to stop the killing of innocents on our streets. Such messed-up priorities are pathetic.

This Presidential visit by Joe Biden was a made-for-TV event. Unfortunately for the President, he brought attention to his insincerity and hypocrisy that he now supports the law enforcement community. His effort to reverse the attack on Police is now grouped with Afghanistan, the Border, COVID vaccines and testing, inflation, and now Ukraine. We have watched Joe Biden bungle every challenge he faces for a year. There is nothing to indicate better performance for Biden or Harris as we suffer through the final three years of their term.

It was unfortunate that nobody dared to speak up and tell the President he was wrong during his visit. The President and his administration are a study in dysfunction. The yearning for a diverse team rather than a competent world-class team hurts America on every front. We need a shake-up, and an excellent place to start would be the Chief of Staff and Press Secretary. It is evident that the President is not in charge and that these two are steering this ship. If not a revamp, then a mutiny is called for, and we can not afford a delay.

This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com