Biden Weakness at Home is Going Global

By Ray Cardello for January 25, 2021 Season 8 / Post 27

Both good and evil, global leaders have been observing Joe Biden for the last year. Some have watched in fear, while others looked on and saw an opportunity. The weakness and dysfunction of Joe Biden and his woke administration have left a void in the stability of the world’s security. On Sunday, the directive came from our State Department that Americans and Embassy employees must evacuate Ukraine as the threat of a Russian incursion intensifies.

Last week, Joe Biden got caught by a hot mike as he commented that a journalist’s question during a Q&A was a “stupid question.” The question was why the President was not doing anything proactive about Russia’s threats. Well, Mr. President, I’ll reask the question. Are you waiting for a minor incursion before you do anything? Are you concerned that anything you do might hurt Hunter’s money flow from Moscow? Is Putin interested in a Hunter Biden original at $500K? As I am writing this post, Biden got caught again calling Peter Doucy of FOX News a “stupid S.O.B..”

Putin has been building up his troop strength at the Ukraine border. He now has over 100,000 amassed troops. Just how many troops constitute a major incursion? We have sent tons of munitions to Ukraine, with more to come. We have Special Forces in Ukraine as trainers of the Ukraine military. Biden is now talking about increasing our troop level in Eastern Europe. Biden the Hawk is coming out of the basement in Delaware.

The evil of the world loves weakness. A weak President of the United States allows these villains to wreak havoc on their prey like a bully beating up on the geek in high school. Joe Biden is a gift to those who wish to harm a weaker opponent. Russia, and Putin, is just one of the dark leaders that are testing the resolve of President Joe Biden.

Though the Chinese are hosting the world at the Winter Olympics, they are ramping up the pressure on Taiwan. They flew numerous sorties into Taiwan airspace on Monday as a show of power. We have a signed agreement with Taiwan committing support against any threat from any power. North Korea is launching test missiles that have shut down all air traffic on our west coast. The rockets may be innocent, but the threat is having an impact on our psyche.

I moved quickly over that statement, but why in God’s name are we sending athletes to China? To do so is tantamount to our athletes going to Berlin in 1936, giving credibility to Adolph Hitler. We have initiated a partial boycott by not allowing anyone other than athletes to Beijing. We should not be sending anyone, but again, with Biden compromised by his son Hunter’s relationship with China, we cannot act as needed. Joe Biden in the White House and Hunter Biden in the pocket of Ukraine, Beijing, and Moscow, we are dealing from a position of weakness.

We have experienced one of the most disastrous years that any President has had and when he is trying to reboot his presidency, he may be on the verge of involving us in a war with Russia. There is no way that Americans want to see our sons and daughters risking blood and treasure in another foreign conflict. Afghanistan was a disaster for Joe Biden. Russia may make us forget Afghanistan, but not in a good way.

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