Do We Want War, Or Oil

By Ray Cardello for January 26, 2021 Season 8 / Post 28

Domestic policies have far-reaching impacts. Whether good or bad, decisions made at home can impact our position in the world. And, if flawed, can restrict our options in making decisions or negotiating with foreign powers. We are seeing two situations playing out in the international arena where decisions made, or personal interest in by Joe Biden are making these crises direr than they could be. The relationships of Joe and Hunter Biden that we on the Right were aware of but the Media and Left denied are now coming back to complicate international relationships for America.

The Biden Enterprise facilitated massive money-making operations through Hunter Biden with companies in and the governments of Ukraine, Russia, and China. While Joe Biden was Vice President, Hunter Biden sold exposure to and influence of his Father specifically to these three countries. Because of no investigation into Hunter’s activities, we have only surface knowledge of these relationships and no insight into any other situations that may exist. If the Republicans assume control of Congress in November, you can bet on investigations into the activity of the Bidens.

The reckoning for Republicans is down the road, but the global crisis that we face due to Biden’s actions is here and now. We are looking at four bad actors in this drama. We have Russia infringing on Ukraine. China lets the world know daily that Taiwan is in its crosshairs. North Korea is the little fat kid looking for attention by shooting off hyper-speed rockets. And quietly. We have Iran working steadily towards becoming a nuclear country.

Biden is reacting very differently to all of these threats. Korea and Iran appear to be non-events to Joe Biden. The events get no questions during briefings. Nobody shouts questions of Iran and North Korea. Both of these countries and leaders are unstable. It will be nightmarish should they develop missiles that can carry nuclear warheads that could hit Japan, our west coast, Israel, or Europe. Trump had these two leaders under control and neutralized. Joe Biden unlocked the cages, let the animals out, and we have no watchdog keeping tabs on them.

On the never-ending bad story of Afghanistan comes the very similar Ukraine. Obama gave them blankets. Trump gave them anti-tank missile launchers. Biden missed his opportunity to be proactive. We should have been continuing the financial penalties of the Trump years. Russia was beginning to tumble under the weight of sanctions. On day one, Biden lifted the sanctions and killed the Keystone Pipeline in place of the Nordstream 2 pipeline out of Russia to feed Europe. In 2020, America was energy independent and an energy exporter. One year later, gasoline is up nearly 50%, we are pleading with OPEC to produce more barrels of crude, and we are buying oil from Russia.

Biden claims that he has unanimous support from every NATO country. As he told the press his version of the story here, Germany and France were telling a very different tale. They both say that they have no stake in the outcome in Ukraine, and Germany needs the oil from Russia lest her citizens freeze in the rough German winter. We need the oil too. Biden has backed us into a corner, a very chilly corner. The Bidens raked in millions through Hunter Biden’s bogus job with Burisma. Biden has us straddling a very high fence. Just like the one he should have built on the border.

China may be the worst country on the planet regarding human rights. From locking down entire cities to contain any threat of COVID spread before the Olympics. The genocide of the Uyghurs, the restrictions on family size, and the killing of infant girls. And let’s not forget that China is the source of the COVID Pandemic that brought the world to its knees for two years and redefined normal. Biden sits on his hands while the Chinese fly sorties daily into Taiwan airspace. And why in God’s name are we sending our athletes to Beijing? Maybe all the cash the Chinese gave to Hunter to “invest” for them is the reason. Or perhaps all of this is Joe Biden being the most inept President in our history, and he is going to prove it for the next three years.

This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com

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