They Do Not Want you to Know It’s Serious

By Ray Cardello for January 27, 2021 Season 8 / Post 29

Today’s post will be a bit different from my daily writings. I usually choose a topic that is my focus for the day’s writing. There have been a series of events of late that do not deserve 600 words but should not go unnoticed. So I will write a collection of thoughts on the last two horrendous weeks in the life of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. These are not in any particular order.

  1. What a stupid son of a b—H.
    1. This sentence was uttered by Joe Biden into a hot mic at FOX News White House Reporter, Peter Doucy. Doucy asked Biden a question on inflation after the President said he would not answer any questions on Ukraine. This is the second such outburst in as many weeks for the President. These instances are especially egregious because Biden addressed respect in the first days of his term. He was on a Zoom call with his staff and told them emphatically that he would fire any of them on the spot if they ever disrespected a colleague or member of the media. What is he to do when he is the one violating his rule?
  2. Joe and Kamala have an uncomfortable moment.
    1. I am not sure what the purpose was of this video moment other than it being a part of this rebranding effort. Gossip is that Joe and Kamala have developed a rift. Last Friday, the Executive Duo appeared on screen at a DNC grassroots event. The President praised the VP calling her his “partner.” He called her the best partner he ever had (he has been married twice?) He proclaimed that his partner always had his back and told her, “I love you.” Kamala responded, “I do.” It was awkward but also untruthful for those of us with a memory. It was Kamala Harris in one of the ugliest moments of the 2020 Election. During a debate, Harris labeled Biden as a Racist and a Sex Offender. It was soon after this moment that Harris dropped out of the race.
  3. Last week, Biden claimed that he would not consider retaliation against Russia if they created only a minor incursion into Ukraine. Many could not believe their ears and almost immediately wanted an explanation from Biden to define a minor versus a major incursion. We are sending tons of munitions to Ukraine. We are sending jets to Estonia. We claim that NATO is unanimous in its support of Ukraine. Before the sound has died, Germany and France say don’t count on them.
  4. Joe Biden is a Racist. A Racist doesn’t just mean someone who discriminates against a particular group. It can also be someone who uses people to promote their agenda or elevate their status with a specific group. We have already talked about how Biden filled his staff. It had nothing to do with merit but with checking off boxes. Gay? Check. Native American? Check. Transexual? Check. Black Female Vice President? Check. All competent? Can you hear me? I asked if they were all competent? No way. Kamala Harris was an experiment gone bad. How many qualified individuals were overlooked to put Harris in the VP Slot?

We, meaning Joe, is going to repeat his most disastrous hire. Justice Breyer is poised to announce his retirement. Biden is committed to nominating a black female to take a seat on the Supreme Court. If any one of us placed a classified ad for a Black Female to fill any position, We would be looking at fines or incarceration. If we placed an ad looking for a Black Female, we would be fined or arrested. Not Biden.

This post does not require an ending as there is no end to Biden / Harris gaffes’ That is the truth, the sad truth.

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