Wanted: Black Woman With Law Degree. Competence Not Necessary

By Ray Cardello for January 28, 2021 Season 8 / Post 30

When the dust settles from what is sure to be a hostile process to confirm a replacement for the retiring Justice Breyer, there will be no significant change in the Court. A left-leaning justice is leaving the Court and will be replaced by another left-leaning justice. The conservatives will still control the Court 6-3 or 5-4, depending on Justice Roberts. The process of selecting a potential replacement is the focus here, and that is because of the words spoken by President Joe Biden at the ceremony for Justice Breyer to make his decision official. The candidate I nominate will be the first Black female justice on the Supreme Court.

People should be enraged by Biden’s statement. Joe Biden broke all the rules in a world striving for equality where a person’s color, age, gender, or ethnicity should not be considered. The person who fills Justice Breyer’s seat on the Court should be the best person available. The American people deserve and expect to have the nine finest legal minds available sitting on the Supreme Court. Lady Justice wears a blindfold to indicate that the Court should be blind to the people appearing before it.

The decisions made are on the case’s merits and based on the Constitution. Deciding on candidates to fill a vacancy on the Bench should also be blind. To narrow the field down by any qualifier is wrong. To see the fruits of a process where the field was narrowed to Black and female, look no further than our Vice President Kamala Harris. Biden had promised a Black female Vice President, and Kamala was his pick.

This decision is social appeasement and is made solely to satisfy the Squad, Stacey Abrahms, and anyone else that wants to fill the spot with a gender correct, racial correct individual. This situation is wrong, if not illegal. Everyone should be offended by this decision. White, Black, Brown, or Pink, everyone should be offended and repulsed by Joe Biden making the wrong decision again.

There are so many aspects to this event. The White House knew of Breyers pending announcement and leaked the info because it was advantageous to do so. It was not a leak. It was a smokescreen. For two days, the entire country focused on the Breyer saga and not the Biden/Harris fiasco. Nobody is talking about inflation, COVID, crime, or the Border. Biden has obscured those stories by leaking the Breyer story.
Today they marched Breyer out, which got awkward for Biden as he invited the Breyers to spend a night in the Lincoln Bedroom. What the heck was he thinking? Or not thinking.

Because of the leak, Breyer moved up his announcement and the timeline on his leaving the Bench because of the leak. This is a mistake. Breyer leaving early will force his replacement to recuse herself on any cases that have already been heard. This will expose what Biden did to use Breyer’s retirement to mask his failings.

Biden paraded Breyer before the media today to officially announce the retirement. Biden struggled through his intro twice, getting off on tangents only to reel himself back in. Breyer, who is thought of as the intellect of the Court, did his own rambling. It was painful to watch.

Biden then went before the Media to announce his intentions to nominate a Black Female. Nobody challenged him. Nobody called him out. It was a non-event. But it worked for Biden. It took the press off his back and focused on Breyer and the future of the Court. In retrospect, it is a shameful couple of days for Biden, but it is working for him. Isn’t that what it is all about. Create a perception and control the media. It will make most people forget the crisis this President is creating in every corner of the globe. But not some of us, Mr. Ptrsidnt/ Some of us are paying attention.

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