Blinken Goes South of the Border. Where is Kamala?

by Ray Cardello for October 13, 2021 Season 6 / Post 23

Secretary of State Antony J. Blinken met with Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador last week in Mexico City. Secretary Blinken was joined by U.S. Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas and Attorney General Merrick Garland. This meeting aimed to discuss the flow of illegal immigrants crossing through Mexico from Central America to our Border. You would think that this would be a meeting that our Border Crossing Czar would have attended. You would be 100% correct in this thinking. But Kamala Harris, our Border Crossing Czar, was busy. She filmed a children’s show about space travel for YouTube and visited a bakery in New Jersey. Both of these are far more important than the 200,000 illegals a month breaking into our country. Have you ever had a cupcake from New Jersey? If so, you understand.

Back in the early days of Biden’s administration, he appointed Vice President Harris to head up the effort to get our Border under control. In the six or seven months since, she has made one trip to the Northern Triangle and one visit to the Border, though she only made it to El Paso. To be accurate, El Paso is two miles from the Border and not considered a hot spot for illegal crossers.

So why is Kamala Harris not sitting with Blinken in Mexico? The Vice President is obviously in a President imposed time-out. Kamala Harris has proven to be unable to think on her feet and is therefore having a problem with live discussions. A recent blunder occurred when a high school girl tripped her up by claiming that the Israelis were guilty of ethnic cleansing. Harris praised the girl for her thinking and did not correct her. Psaki and the White House had to go into damage control. The Biden & Harris Administration is a study in damage control.

Kamala Harris is a political liability. We will be seeing less of her as time moves on. Biden’s mental acuity is failing, but Kamala has failed. The Democrats have few options available. They put this man in office as a placeholder, but for whom? The plan could not have been to have Harris move into the number 1 slot. She has shown us no evidence that she is ready for The Show. She is a minor league player at best.

More information has surfaced on the Vice President’s cameo on the commercials for the YouTube video. First of all, you cannot make this up. The video company that produced the video is Sinking Ship Productions out of Canada. Apparently, there was no American video company available. Or maybe they just wanted a company with a name they could identify with. The videos show Harris talking to a group of school-age children, but in actuality, they are paid actors who had to audition for their parts. These video spots are as fake as the Vice President’s effort on the seven programs she has been charged with. Not only is she failing at her job, but she also is not even reporting to work. That is unless her job is at a bakery or TV set.