Does Anyone on the Left Grasp Reality?

By Ray Cardello for October 14, 2021 Season 6 / Post 24

The Supply Chain in this country is broken. To ship a container of goods from China used to cost $2,000 and now costs $13,000. The increase is bad enough, but getting that costly container off a ship and onto a truck now takes weeks when it used to take days is the real issue. On Wednesday, Joe Biden took to the microphone and showed he had no grasp of the problem, let alone the solution. He proudly announced that the Port of Los Angeles will now be open 24/7, and this action will be a “game changer .” Simplistic, naive, and will have little impact on the problem. The problem, Joe, is staffing. You can have these ports open 30 hours a day. There are not enough bodies to unload and then ship the goods backing up on freighters in the Pacific.

Out of the blue, Jen Psaki announced on Tuesday that there had been a Supply Chain Taskforce working round the clock for the last few months on a resolution to this very complex challenge. If so, and I doubt it, opening the LA Port 24/7 is the best they could do? Nobody thought to ask who was on the force. I don’t believe it exists. If it had, Psaki would have been using progress to push the plan and link it to the Infrastructure Bill. It would have been a great diversion. It didn’t exist. And where is Mayor Pete? He should be front and center. Like others in this cabinet, they are not reporting to work.

I listened to Psaki struggle to answer questions during her press briefing today. Her answers were generic, and not one responded to a question asked. Like lapdogs, the reporters in the room accepted her responses, and there was not a single follow-up question. She segued from short supplies to rising prices. Again, she lied. She called the escalating prices Transitory Inflation and that the experts, 19 Nobel Laureates, agree it will be gone next year and costs will wind down. I am not an economist, but I can see through this line of crap. Can you believe not a single question was asked who these experts are? Where are the reporters or journalists? Are they not allowed in the briefing room?

We have some severe issues confronting America. COVID-19 is still claiming lives, and we have had more deaths in 2021 than we did in 2020. The vaccine programs under Trump have turned into mandates under Biden. Resistance to the vaccine mandates, like the mask mandates, results in other problems such as increased divisiveness and worker issues. Healthcare workers, teachers, transportation workers are now terminated for not getting vaxxed. This is putting an increased burden on an already stretched workforce. Unemployment and employment continue to hamper our economy’s recovery and are now being compounded with supply issues and inflation. Energy prices are soaring, and we are not yet into the heating season. Throw in the Border situation, and we are getting hit from all sides.

Meanwhile, I checked in with MSNBC yesterday to see what they were reporting on these issues. These issues do not exist. Their primary story of the day was a new poll showing 65% support of Trump amongst Republicans. They actually went so far as to call this an existential threat to our Democracy. What a ridiculous hyperbole, and no wonder we have two factions in this country. We have those getting the facts and those who watch CNN, MSNBC, and the major networks. These folks are unaware and just being fed the party line. Main Stream Media may be the biggest threat to our Republic. We do not have a Democracy though that is what the MSM and Democrats would prefer.

Biden, Harris, and all the Democrats are playing a serious game. They are hoping to slide through transformative legislation while they have the power to do so. They know the clock is clicking down to 2022, and all indications are a change to Republican control of the House and possibly the Senate. The only way they can pull this off is darkness. Darkness is half the country being unaware of what is happening. As long as we have amateurs reporting and MSM playing along with the Democrats, they may pull off this coup of our country. We need to shed some daylight on what these people are trying to do.