Virginia Election Has Many Stories to Tell

By Ray Cardello for October 15, 2021 Season 6 / Post 25

The Virginia election for Governor has a different meaning for different people. Former Governor Democratic gubernatorial candidate and former Gov. Terry McAuliffe, and Republican challenger Glenn Youngkin, square off to determine who will guide the Commonwealth of Virginia. McAuliffe is a lifelong politician, while Youngkin is new to the political arena.

Education is a critical issue in this election. Youngkin is pro-parents when it comes to the philosophy of Virginia’s educational curriculum. McAuliffe went on the record last week, claiming parents have no place deciding what is taught in Virginia’s public schools. In what was an easy score for McAuliffe a few weeks ago until he made the poorly thought-out statement against parents in the process, the election today is a toss-up.

Virginia is a purplish-blue state. There is a vast presence of military voters that will lean to the right. The suburbs will pull to the left. The Independents are the key, and many see them leaning Right. The Democrats are pulling out some old names and some new ones. Obama, Jill Biden will be speaking for McAuliffe, but Joe Biden and Kamala Harris have not been asked to visit on behalf of McAuliffe. That speaks volumes about the state of the Democrat Party. The past is favorable, while the present is toxic. McAuliffe is from the past but wants to bridge to the future. That may work with some Democrats, but it will not work for Independents. Issues like abortion, CRT, and parent’s role in education are hot-button topics in this election.

This election is earmarked as a bellwether election that will give us an idea of how the 2022 elections will roll. The Democrats can feel the pressure. They are not unified and have three factions. The moderates, Sinema and Manchin, are balking on the $3.5 Trillion ticket. The Progressives, Sanders and the Squad, want more money invested. There is no compromise on the horizon. They are united in their belief in a transformative action but not how to get there. The clock is ticking, and they are a party divided.

One thing is quite clear. The Biden team is on the defense. Nothing is working for them, and it is proving how ill-prepared they were to assume control of this country. Biden’s promise to unite the country was hollow, and if anything, we are more divided. As we head into the winter months, I fear for the country with the supply chain still broken and home heating adding to our “transitory inflation.” At some point, tempers will run short and bad decisions may be made. The American people are resilient, but when backed into a corner, all bets are off.

Democrats may be loyal to their cause, but they still have to make ends meet. The country under Biden is broken, and it will be a challenge for most Democrats to continue to back a failing Biden. At some point, people will have to choose between loyalty and their wallet. Their wallet is real. Biden was a dream that turned ugly.