Cast of Minor League Players

By Ray Cardello for October 17, 2021 Season 6 / Post 27

We have been documenting the blunders of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for some time now. Joe Biden hides from the media by making quick reads from the teleprompter and then rudely turning and walking away from questions. Whether he cannot answer questions on the fly or they are protecting him from his declining mental acuity, he is not allowed to take questions. You cannot call yourself the most transparent administration in history if you do not answer questions. 

Kamala Harris is in a timeout. As bad as Biden has been performing, Harris is a train wreck. She is in charge of 7 different initiatives but is AWOL on all of them. Blinken, Garland, and Mayorkas met with officials of the Mexican Government this past week about the movement of immigrants through Mexico. Even though Harris is the Border Czar, she was not invited. In nine months as Czar, she has made one trip south of the border and one to Texas, close to the border. No trips to the Border for Harris.

Biden and Harris are not the only underachievers. Joe Biden has not had a Cabinet Meeting since July, but really, why bother. Biden did not put together this Cabinet with the best talent and experts in each department. This Cabinet was put together to check off boxes and show how Woke Biden can be. Not a single Secretary has brought anything significant to the table, and when they do bring something, it often has to be walked back, or the team has to go into damage control.

Blinken was worse than horrible with his part in the Afghanistan debacle. Not only did we mess up the exit from Afghanistan, have military and civilian fatalities, lie about the input given from the military, but he managed to upset many of our allies by lack of communication. Blinken instills no confidence with his words, delivery, or actions.

Mayorkas has been a disaster since day one, with the crisis at our Southern Border. Even with over 200,000 documented illegals crossing the border every month, he contends that the border is closed, and there is no crisis at every opportunity. He may want to check with the good folks of Del Rio before he claims that again.

Peter Paul Montgomery ButtigiegMayor Pete to his friends, is our Secretary of Transportation. We are experiencing one of the worst Supply Chain Crisis in our history. Ships are stacked up in the Pacific like patrons at Chic Fil A at lunchtime, and Pete is out of the office. Pete and his husband recently adopted two infants, and the Secretary has been enjoying three months of family leave. I don’t want to debate the issue of family leave. If he was entitled to it, it does not mean he had to take it, and with the crisis at hand, he should have been on deck. His absence is a problem, but would he have had anything to offer? Probably not. Buttigieg has nothing in his resume to qualify him to head the Transportation Department.

This week found Janet Yellen in the spotlight. She was trying to defend the proposed policy to have banks report all individual transactions by their customers to the IRS. Supposedly the administration feels this will identify the people who are avoiding their tax responsibility. She tried desperately to defuse this hot issue but lie as she could, she failed. She tried to explain that no specific data would be collected and turned over, but alas, nobody was buying her talking points.

I challenge you even to name any of the other current secretaries. The Executive Branch should be the elite. The best and brightest should be tapped by the President to guide our country. Instead, we have the JV team filled with diversity but short on talent. Somebody needs to step up, but I am afraid that nobody close to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has the talent or courage to do so.