Defend Yourself, Not in Texas…….

This cannot be happening in Texas

Terry Meza is a liberal state rep from Texas who has no interest in protecting her constituents unless they are thieves…..then she has their backs.

Meza has introduced TX HB 196 which will amend the Castle Law in Texas which gives a homeowner the right to protect their home from intruders even if it requires deadly force. She does not think that is fair to the thief breaking into a home and they deserve to be able to take what is yours and make it theirs….no trouble here…..just back away. There have been many stories and posts on social media about her proposal, and though most are false and exaggerated, they are not that far off. In her own words, this is her intention:

My bill HB 196 and my position on the Texas Castle Doctrine has been misrepresented in the news as of late. It does not repeal the Castle Doctrine, and it does not restrict homeowners from using firearms in self-defense as applicable to current Texas stand your ground laws. What my bill would do if passed, would require a homeowner to exhaust the potential of safely retreating into their habitation before using deadly force in defense of themselves or their property. I filed this bill because the castle doctrine as it currently exists emboldens people to take justice into their own hands. While theft is obviously wrong, we have laws to address that. I don’t believe that stealing someone’s lawn ornament should be an offense punishable by death.

You should be able to protect your castle, not in Texas!

In other words, you are sleeping soundly in your comfortable bed and you hear glass breaking as someone is breaking into your home, your castle. Though your first reaction might be to reach over to your gun safe and retrieve your loaded pistol to protect you, your family, your pets, your property, your now violated home…..nay, nay….you would be wrong according to Ms Meza. That would be unfair to the person who just broke into your home.

According to Meza, you need to first retreat, maybe hide in a closet or under the bed. You need, obviously, to hope your wife, children and pets are also retreating or hiding. For in Meza’s world, it appears that your stuff is their stuff, your home is their home, and it must be your fault for locking the door. The absolute insanity of it all.

This woman needs to be brought directly to Washington and put in charge of Joe Biden’s new Gun Control effort. She understands that good, law abiding folk don’t need to have or to use guns and if only the bad guys have guns then fewer people will get hurt or killed. When will the adults take charge….please.

We own guns. We are getting the necessary training to be conscientious gun owners. We never felt a need to have to own guns until recently when people like Rep Terry Meza decided we needed people like her to take control of our lives. We will defend ourselves, our property and the Terry Mezas of this world be damned. I hope people will see stories like this and realize we are being robbed every day. Not by thieves with guns but by politicians with pens.

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