Democrat Trifecta…..America Holds Losing Ticket

Three bills are working their way through Congress and may soon be on Biden’s desk for his signature with Kamala either holding the pen or actually holding the President up. These three bills are a winning Trifecta for every liberal, left wing, radical Democrat and a nail in the coffin for America. That is not hyperbole for if all of these pass, and with the current hold on Congress and the White House by folks who hate and want America “fundamentally changed”, we will be further bankrupted by insurmountable debt and many of our basic tenets and rights will be dissolved.

H.R. 1, The Equality Act and the $1.9 Trillion Coronavirus Relief Bill have Radical Progressives salivating and should have Americans losing sleep. Let’s breakdown and highlight each:

H.R. 1 is called the Voting Rights Bill but should be called the Guarantee Democrat Power Bill. The main goal is to have the Federal Government take over the voting process from the states, a process that is spelled out in our Constitution as a check and balance against too much power in the Federal Government. It uses your tax dollars to match individual political contributions on a 6:1 basis. Who wants to see their money being used by the government to keep these people in government? It will change the process for determining Congressional districts, make it virtually illegal to require ID to vote, will make mass mailings of ballots commonplace and they may even try to slip in lowering the voting age to 16! All of these provisions favor any Democrat candidate for any office.

The Equality Act is not about equality at all but for giving the LGBTQ, Transgendered and those who feel that there should be no gender distinction more rights. It does away with any distinction of being a man or woman under the law and will strip a person’s religious beliefs on gender. It will destroy women’s athletics by allowing males who identify as female to compete against actual females and will destroy any gains women have made to protect their gender.

The Coronavirus Relief Bill does everything but give aid to those impacted by Covid. Only 10%, or $190 Billion, addresses the distress caused on Americans by this Pandemic. There are bridges, there are tunnels, there are bailouts for failing state governments, there are payoffs for pension shortfalls, there is aid to education in 2028 (not a misprint….paid to education 7 years from now). There is the promised $1400 stimulus for most Americans BUT the requirements to qualify have been stiffened AND checks will be going out to illegal aliens who managed to get a Social Security number AND inmates in federal prisons…..how has the Covid Pandemic hurt these felons economically?

This is a pending disaster for America and our only hope is that the Senate can block H.R. 1 and the Equality Act by preserving the filibuster and requiring 60 votes to pass either bill. The Dems may hold the trifecta but as long as we have 50 Republican Senators who will stand their ground, we may keep two horses from passing the wire.