Julian Acciard for Congress 1st NH District

Ray Cardello. March 8, 2021

New Hampshire needs a strong Conservative candidate to continue our movement of returning the Granite State to a Red State and we may have such a candidate in Julian Acciard. Julian is a Marine Corps Veteran, a lifelong resident of New Hampshire with a brief stop in California. He is married, father of three, a resident of Derry and describes himself as a Conservative Republican. Here is a quick note from his website for Congress:

It is the role of elected officials to represent, sacrifice and serve their constituents while politicians consider themselves the governor and never amongst the governed to forever control and lord over their constituents. I aim to represent my state and serve my state/district for no longer than 12 years total combined in congress should I be given the honor. This is my self imposed term limit as service was not ever intended to become a career.

He has an impressive list of policy beliefs, too many to go into here, but you can check them, and him, out on his website: https://julian4nh.com/ He has strong ideas on Immigration, Economic Revitalization, Education, Taxes, protecting our Second Amendment and even the state of our Climate. All of his ideas are consistent with Conservative thinking and very much the polar opposite of Chris Pappas….which is why we need to send Pappas home before he takes hold of a third term in DC.

I invite you to take a look at Julian and see if you agree he might be our choice for Congress in 2022.

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