Democrats Line Up to Apologize to Trump

By Ray Cardello for February 16, 2022 Season 8 / Post 49

For five years, the Democrats and the lapdog mainstream media tried in vain to connect Donald Trump, the candidate, and the President, to Russia. They were scared to death of the possibility of Trump, an outsider, beating the chosen one, Hillary Clinton. When he took her down in 2016, they turned their efforts to tearing him down, destroying him and his Presidency. The media was complicit in this five-year crusade and helps to explain their demise. In 1976, 75% of Americans had faith in the American media. In 2019, this number flipped, and now 75% believe that the media is biased and is purposely inaccurate.

Democrats spent five years on every Sunday talk show, acted like paid contributors on CNN and MSNBC, wrote bestselling books, and even had documentaries chronicle their stories. It worked and cost Donald Trump the second term he deserved and gave us Biden, Harris, and the mess we are now living. It is no wonder that CNN viewership has been down 90% in the last year. The wonder is how they are still operating.

John Durham was commissioned in May 2019 by then-Attorney General William Barr, who elevated Durham to the status of special counsel in October 2020. Durham’s charge was to investigate the Russian Hoax. In that time, only three people had been indicted. That is changing, and indictments should be coming down in a flurry, and people fearful of jail time are coming forward to speak out. It has been a long time coming, but the piper wants to be paid. Trump is about to get some revenge, and it should be sweet.

This story is going to be big. Terms like bigger than Watergate are already being overused. FOX News is all over the story, but the three networks, CNN and MSNBC, are ignoring it so far. They don’t want to shed a negative light on the Democrats and specifically the Clintons. Most of all, they are ignoring it because it sheds light on how bad these agencies are at reporting the news honestly. When this story is told to its conclusion, the media will be exposed and embarrassed beyond belief. This period in our history may be the end of network news as we once knew it, and it will be reported as a suicide.

Talking heads like Chris Cuomo, Don Lemon, Joe Scarborough, and Rachel Maddow made a career of tracking Trump waiting for the kill that, for them, would never come. It would be Trump that would be the last man standing. Cuomo is gone, Lemon is soon indicted for sexual abuse, Joe Scarborough has Mica which is penalty enough, and Maddow is taking a break from her job. And we will all relish the demise of these journalistic hacks.

This story will unfold. It will go where the evidence takes it, and hopefully, it will be above reproach. John Durham has shown to be a patient and meticulous individual and is protected by the status given him by William Barr. Biden cannot touch him, and the Democrats must fear him. This investigation will go to the highest levels of government, and I hope and pray that John Durham has the strength to withstand the pressure he will face. This conspiracy that is about to unravel will change our history and future. That is the power of a conspiracy that is bigger than Watergate. Let no one be above the truth, and let those who have failed us pay the price. We have waited for this moment. It is not time to gloat but to be proud of our country and a system that still works.

This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com

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