We Learned Nothing From Afghanistan Debacle

By Ray Cardello for February 15, 2022    Season 8 / Post 48

The American exit from Afghanistan will be the poster story of the Joe Biden Presidency. After one year, the Biden administration has put a lock on the worst Presidency in our history. Biden will have to fail miserably to usurp the end of our twenty-year involvement in the Afghanistan conflict as the most embarrassing and deadly event. The Russia and Ukraine situation continues to heat up, and Russian troops’ eventual incursion into Ukraine is imminent. We have an undisclosed number of Americans that remain today in Ukraine, with the potential of conflict starting at any moment.

Joe Biden had a one-hour video call with Putin on Saturday. Biden claims he spelled out, in no uncertain terms, to Putin what will happen if Russia invades Ukraine. The call transcript does not support Biden’s claim of being tough on Putin. Many feel that we should have been proactive with sanctions against Russia when Putin started building up troop counts on the border. Being proactive is not in Biden’s DNA. He has done nothing.

Our hands are tied for two reasons for sanctions on Russia. Russia is now our number three supplier of oil. We cannot afford for Russia to shut off their flow of crude oil to America, which they will do if we get involved. The other reason is the financial relationship that Joe and Hunter Biden have with Russia. The Bidens are making millions, and those funds will undoubtedly dry up if we take action against Russia.

As for the remaining Americans in Ukraine, their fate is eerily reminiscent of the Americans left behind in Afghanistan. The American government has put these folks on notice that we will not retrieve them should they stay after a Russian incursion. As with Afghanistan, we do not know how many Americans are in Ukraine today. These folks are on their own. The new American government feels no responsibility for the safety of our citizens in foreign countries.

Poland, which borders Ukraine on the west, has offered to accept and harbor Americans seeking safety. The US Government has put restrictions on Americans looking to enter Poland. They must be fully vaccinated, including appropriate boosters. They also need to test negative on a COVID test before leaving Ukraine. Seriously? These people are exiting a potential war zone, and their fate relies on a Made in China COVID test kit. These folks would be treated better if they got to Mexico and came to America via the Rio Grande. Nobody there will check for vaccinations or test results. You will be flown to the city of your choice for free.

Joe Biden will regret his handling of the Russia/Ukraine situation, and holding off on any penalties for Russia until after they invade is going to prove too little too late. Russia has to be kept out of Ukraine. Once in, they will be there forever. Putin is playing chess with Biden, and Biden is playing Chinese Checkers. You would think with the years of experience in the Senate, Biden would be more assertive on the international front. You would be wrong.

Biden has the luxury of reflecting on his performance in Afghanistan. This should help him avoid the same mistakes and assure a more successful outcome. He has learned nothing, which is disappointing. It will prove disappointing and deadly to the people of Ukraine. God watch over them.

 This article was first published on The Liberty Loft