Gretchen Whitmer is Fooling No One

By Ray Cardello for February 14, 2022 Season 8 / Post 47

Gretchen Whitmer, the unpopular Governor of Michigan, has shown the world this week exactly why she is a horrific Governor and an even worse human being. Whitmer is an incredible hypocrite and hopes that anyone who listens to her has short-term memory issues.

I need to qualify my disdain for Governor Whitmer due to personal reasons. We had spent months planning a ten-day RV trip to Michigan in 2021. We had the route planned, the sites booked, reservations at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, and hiking routes charted for the upper peninsula. We arranged everything except for Gretchen Whitmer, shutting down her state tighter than Fort Knox. Governor Whitmer ruled her state with an iron fist during the Pandemic restricting everyone’s lives except her and her husband. It was no wonder that her people turned against her, marching on the statehouse armed for battle.

As for her citizens of Michigan, Whitmer restricted their movement, keeping them close to home. The good citizens of Michigan could not navigate within the state. Business and schools were shuttered, and outsiders were not allowed entrance. She had as firm a grip on her domain and her minions as any Governor dared. She was the poster child for government overreach during the Pandemic and even survived a recall effort.

While she had her subjects nearly on house arrest for almost two years, her husband traveled freely and was discovered attempting to get the family boat out of drydock and onto the water. While she had airline travel in and out of Michigan turned off, she pressured local business owners to use their private jets to get her to Florida. Rules for thee, but not for me, was coined with Governor Whitmer in mind. She had zero concern for the good people of Michigan or its commerce.

For the last two years, her actions and performance have made her comments about the Trucker Protest in Canada almost laughable. Her demands of Prime Minister Trudeau for swift action were a joke. For someone who damaged people’s lives with her decisions and hurt businesses and incomes alike with her restrictions, her criticism of Canada and the truckers sounds exceptionally hollow.

Whitmer takes every opportunity to get her face and voice on CNN and MSNBC to make her position known. She can go on these friendly networks knowing they will protect her. She doesn’t dare appear on FOXNews for fear they would point out the hypocrisy and ask questions to point out how poorly she worked for the people she serves.

Whitmer is an example of the short memory voters have in America. Her approval rating had dropped below 50% and should have dropped lower. She is a poor leader and harmed the people of Michigan during the Pandemic and has done nothing to improve her performance since. Her approval rating, however, rose to 56% in January. How is that possible? It happened because people live in the moment and do not remember yesterday. That is why and how people remain in office, and we look at their careers in twenty years and say what did they do for us.

The Pandemic has given us the gift of insight. We saw how our elected representatives performed for us under fire at all levels. Some did well and deserve to continue to serve. Others did not look out for us, the people, and must be retired from public service.

This article was first published on The Liberty Loft thelibertyloft.com