Do You Miss Me Yet

Ray Cardello. February 27, 2021

How will history tell the story of the Trump transformation?

It has only been a short time since President Donald Trump left Andrews AFB as President and arrived in Florida as Former President. A blip in time but long enough for some of us to realize the he deserved four more years in the White House before he took that flight. The country needed four more years, even though many will never admit it.

It will be interesting to see how history will treat 45 but that will depend on who is penning that story. A true historian will tell of how this political outsider may have been the greatest conservative President since Reagan but liberal writers will claim he was the most destructive man to ever occupy 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. I am on the side of the historian. It is difficult to encapsulate all that Trump accomplished in his one term. He was a tireless man who seemed to be recharged by the progress he was making on his quest to Make America Great Again. Many have a hard time seeing the good in President Trump as they cannot see past the bad in Celebrity Trump. Brash, rude, honest, unfiltered are some of his qualities that did not serve him well as President. Patriotic, loyal, unselfish, all-seeing and visionary are those that made him the successful leader we had but did not appreciate.

Trump was like the rising tide in my view. He felt that by elevating America to its greatness, all would be better for it. You only need to look to the status of the Black, Brown and Female of our country. In four short years he created more opportunity, lowered the unemployment to historic lows and raised the average income to the highest ever for these groups. Called a Racist and White Supremacist by the left, he actually did more for people of color than any Democrat President could have dreamed of. This is one of the reasons the left hates him so for he was converting these minority blocks to see the merits of conservatism and that would never work for the liberal left. They needed these groups to be kept down and under their control. The irony of those yelling Racist and Bigot is they are in actuality the ones oppressing these groups they claim to champion.

Love him or hate him as a person, he will be looked at as one of the greatest Presidents of our time. Why, because he did what no others could do. He kept his promises. He spoke often and loudly about what he was going to do, people taking it lightly as they had heard it all before, but damn it, this was different. Trump promised but Trump delivered. In four years he accomplished more than any President ever did in eight years. If not for the Corona Virus, he would have coasted to a second term. He would have continued to make positive changes and put us in a better spot at home and in the world than we may have ever been. But not to be. The Virus and the Liberal Left Machine hit him and hard. It may not be over just yet.

Former President Donald Trump will make his first public appearance since leaving office when he speaks at CPAC today. There is much speculation and anticipation for his speech and some are even hoping he announces he is running again in 2024. I hope he leaves all of the talk of the election being stolen out of the speech and instead concentrates on getting a golden escalator built a CPAC in time for his grand entrance. We do miss him but we also look forward to him coming back…..bigger, bolder and better than ever.

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