Bail Only For Privileged Whites

Ray Cardello. February 28, 2021

Illinois was so proud of themselves this past week as they became the first state in the country to do away with cash bail:

“In this terrible year and in the middle of a brutal viral pandemic that hurt Black people and brown people disproportionately, these lawmakers fought to address the pandemic of systemic racism,” Governor Pritzker said during a ceremony Monday. 

It was easy for Illinois to pass this bill for they have such a low crime rate……wait a minute, isn’t Chicago in Illinois? Isn’t Chicago the Homicide Capital of the country? Isn’t Chicago, that had 769 Murders and 4,033 Shootings in 2020 in Illinois? It certainly is but statistics, like science don’t matter. Victims don’t matter. Reality and common sense don’t matter. Woke is what matters.Eliminating the hardship on members of the community of color is what matters. It is unfair to expect a person of color that commits a crime and is arrested to have to be able to afford bail. That is why so many celebrities and even Kamala Harris, spent last summer raising money to bail out people of color who had rioted in our major cities during the Summer of Love! I cannot make this stuff up. I feel like a fiction writer penning a new thriller. It’s sick!

Let’s look at an example of the result of Cash Bail Reform:

Fox News Reports…Cassandra Tanner Miller has become an advocate for stronger bond conditions as Illinois and other Democrat-run states push to weaken such conditions under the pretense of “social justice” efforts.

Tanner was home with her 9-year-old daughter, Camryn, and son Colton when the children’s stepfather, Christopher Michael Miller, broke into the home on Sept. 21, 2019.

Miller was released from jail on something called an “I-bond,” which allows a person to leave jail without paying any bail as long they promise to return to court for their hearing.

“Are you all ready to die?” asked Miller, who was supposed to be in court at the time.

Her daughter, who attempted to protect her younger brother, was bitten, strangled, and nearly tossed off the second-floor railing.

Although Tanner and her daughter were able to escape while Miller was reloading a gun, Tanner’s 18-month-old was shot 10 times in the head and killed.

How do you replace that young baby? How do you erase the terror and sorrow inflicted on Tanner and her daughter? You cannot but that is not the problem. The problem is people of color committing crimes and having to come up with the funds to pay bail and be released. That is not fair. That is unjust. This is insane. Illinois is first but New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania are closing in on bills of their own. What do these states all have in common besides rising crime rates? They are all run by Democrat Governors. The Left, more concerned with Woke and equity for criminals of color than their helpless victims. What is it going to take for all people of color to see that this is not right? Unfortunately, it will probably take them becoming a victim to see the light. God help them to be able to still see the light when they are recovering from the assault.

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