Get Your Hands off My Second Amendment

Ray Cardello. March 2, 2021

I own handguns. I had never thought to be a gun owner until the government decided that they no longer had a responsibility to protect its citizens. I bought my guns legally. I passed a background check for each purchase. I keep them in a locked safe and have educated myself on the safe and proper usage of my firearms. I belong to the NRA and a local Gun Club, both of which are committed to the right to own a gun and to ensure that gun owners use them safely. I am not the problem when it comes to rising crime rates.

The Biden administration, along with the likes of Schumer, Pelosi and even Beto have the Second Amendment and my right to own and bear arms under attack. Surrounded by their security people armed with weapons, they are committed to taking my guns away from me. Good luck with that, Joe. Good luck Nancy, Chuck and Beto…..it is not going to happen.

I would ask you to enforce the laws on the books if you want to lower crime rates. I would ask you to look to the illegal gun owners and criminals walking the streets for the cause of escalating crime rates but you are doing all you can to take down laws that keep criminals under control and all you can to ensure their rights while coming after mine.

Let’s look at some of the things you have done to harm the safety of Americans.

  1. Opened the borders leading to an uncontrolled flow of Illegal Aliens, drugs and, yes, guns across our southern border.
  2. Passing laws to eliminate cash bail. In your effort to make it easier for criminals of little means to be released from custody on a simple promise that they will present themselves in court.
  3. Emptying prisons first in the name of COVID 19 but now because you feel that confinement is unjust for criminals.
  4. Defunding Police departments because you think that will help solve the fantasy of systemic racism by police on the black and brown communities.
  5. Attempting to disband ICE and Border Patrol because they are unfair to illegal aliens.

So your efforts are trained on restricting my rights, or eliminating my rights to own a firearm while doing all you can to put more criminals on the street. As long as your priorities are messed up and you are going after legal gun owners and turning your attention away from criminals, I’ll hold onto my guns and good luck wrenching them from my hands. There is a reason that the brilliant creators of our country saw fit to ensure our right to own guns in the Bill of Rights and that reason is a runaway government. Right now, this government is in a sprint and they will not stop unless we stop them. That is what we are doing by speaking up and fighting them at every stop….all the time, keeping our hands on our guns so that they cannot.

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  1. Given the events of the last several weeks with mass shootings, I cannot tell by your post whether or not you support the ownership of assault weapons in the public’s hands.

    • It is not simply “assault” weapons but the fact that this will just be the beginning of banned weapons. First of all you need to come to an agreement on what is an assault weapon. We own 5 handguns we use for recreational target shooting and home protection. Our 2 9mm and our 2 22 LR would all be considered illegal because they hold more than 10 shots. This is an overreach of authority and a violation of our 2nd amendment rights.

      Thanks for your comment.

  2. Thanks. Let’s start with the AR-15. Military designed munitions. Do you support the possession of these class of weapons in the public hands?