Don’t Book a Ride on the Red Wave Just Yet

By Ray Cardello for April 22, 2022        Season 10 / Post 16

I was caught up in the euphoria of the thought of a Red Wave, a Tsunami, sweeping across America in November. Many Democrats announced retirement rather than go out a loser in the wake of Joe Biden’s dismal performance. They were smart or premature. I hope the latter is the correct response.
I am tempering my hopes and dreams of the Republicans taking control of the House and Senate and thwarting any attempt at policy by an ever declining President Joe Biden. Declining is a double entendre as he is failing mentally and in the polls. It is hard to watch Joe wander on a purely human level as it reminds us of our mortality. We ease our anxiety by joking about Joe extending his hand to an invisible supporter. We share videos of Joe being escorted around the South lawn by an aide dressed in a bunny suit.
All the while, Jen Psaki feeds us a fake tuna sandwich telling all that Joe is not only fit but will run for re-election. Joe continues to make verbal blunders, and Jen walks them back in her briefing. This dance is their form of a two-step, not a good one. Republicans have an impeachment Motion and an Article 25 resolution in their briefcases, waiting for the day they have the power to use them. In November, that day will be delivered by a Red Wave, which I fear may only be a ripple on the pond.
The Republicans[‘ still have the Three M’s to get through. Money, Media, and Manipulation are always on the side of the Dems. This trifecta will save their day and leave us Republicans shaking our heads in bewilderment. Let me use the NH District 1 House race. Pappas should be vulnerable and retired come November, but it is nearly a miracle to unseat an incumbent. There are currently three Republicans vying for the nod to lock horns with Pappas in the fall. They each have about $500,000, according to their quarterly report. Pappas has $1.7M in his coffer to fend off whoever the challenger may be.
The Media is turning on Joe now, but they cannot turn their heads on the obvious. Joe’s Presidency is dead. The Media is chomping at the bit, wondering who the Dems will put up instead of Biden, for you know they will support whoever has the D after their name. The sight of Obama touring talking about Misinformation and Truth in Politics shows that Manipulation will be in high gear. The Left has killed most efforts at voting changes leaving the door open to questionable results and disappointment for the Right.
I hope I am wrong, but you cannot deny the stars are aligning for a night of disappointment for Conservatives. There is still time to change destiny, but the Republicans have to open one hand for donations while clenching the other to fight. It is not hyperbole to say this fight will be for the future of our country. You have to look at the last fifteen months of failed Democrat policies to see a dark lot if they are not stopped. I hope for the best, but my realistic side is saying not so fast.

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