Our White House is Compromised

By Ray Cardello for April 21, 2022         Season 10 / Post 15

We have known for some time that the President of the United States is compromised. Because of financial dealings between the Biden Family and Ukraine, China, and Russia, Biden cannot represent this country in matters involving these countries. He cannot play hardball with Putin and Russia while they are running roughshod through Ukraine. Russia may want Ukraine, but they are leaving a wasteland in their wake. The UN is helpless as always. NATO has its hands tied lest they precipitate WW III, and the US is leading from behind.
We have been sending billions of dollars worth of equipment to Ukraine, but he gives the world a list of every item. Why? So Russia can be prepared for what Ukraine will be utilizing to defend herself? When this conflict began in Ukraine, Biden’s first move was to go to China to see if they could intervene. It did not work, but nobody expected otherwise. That is tantamount to going to Satan’s evil brother to intervene with his twin.
On the home front, the Biden Administration is as challenged as globally. We have addressed Biden and his issues with foreign governments. He is equally challenged at home. He cannot be the moderate he always claimed to be. He has to go full left to appease his woke radical wing of the party, and he appears to have already made his transition. It is not a natural fit for Biden and leads to verbal faux pas. Biden has more people guarding him against himself than anyone on earth. Just ask his wife, who jumped in when Joe was addressing abortion questions, or the aide in a bunny suit who stopped Biden from an exchange on Afghanistan.
Now we have the President saying one thing to reporters, and five minutes later, we have Jen Psaki walking it back and the Justice Department going into high gear to suppress the people. When questioned on a tarmac in Portsmouth, NH, this week, Biden said that the use of a mask should be up to the individual. A perfect answer that diffuses the opposition. Psaki, however, then went on to voice how the President misspoke and the Justice Department was contemplating suing the decision.
We know that Psaki has had numerous blocks of time pitching her talent to MSNBC and CNN but possibly violating the rules and laws of the performers in the arena. It is an ethics violation to hold a position in the administration while negotiating with the networks. But playing both ends is not enough for Psaki. She has taken opportunities at the podium and on various podcasts to disparage other networks and their staff of White House Correspondents.
She particularly likes to attack Peter Doucy and the FOX News team. She has called him a “dumb son of a B” and defended her position by saying that it is not the reporters but the stupid questions they are given to ask. This is an even more profound insult. She is insinuating that these reporters are not thinking for themselves. They are but puppets moving their mouths and being a voice for their producers. On her way out the door, she is doing as much damage as possible from the podium of power. It is low, shallow, and I cannot wait for someone to return the favor when Psaki joins the lowly MSNBC. People watch her now because she is the show at the White House. Nobody will be forced to watch her on MSNBC, and chances are excellent they will not.
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