Don’t Let The Border Crisis Story Fade Away

By Ray Cardello for August 12, 2021 Season 3 / Post 9

The 24/7 news cycle is constantly bombarding us with the latest story du jour. Since the cycle is in perpetual motion, as new stories fill the top of the news, old stories fall to the bottom or even off. Rarely does a story last a week and certainly never longer. Because of this nature of the news, the media can control what we see and hear. They can also control what we think about, and as in the case of the Border Crisis, they are getting us to move on. Nothing to see here. This new story is what is essential today.

The problem is, the Border Crisis remains a mess. Just because the Democrats and the Main Stream Media want us now to be thinking 24/7 about the Delta Variant and Mask Mandates, the flood of illegal migrants across our Southern Border continues. About 189,000 people illegally crossed the Border in June, up from more than 180,000 in May, itself a 21-year high. In the past, the flow of migration north to our Border slows in the warmer months. This decrease is due to the danger of exposure to the intense heat in the summer months. This trend of the past does not appear to be happening this year. The migrants are braving the heat because they fear our front door could close and their trek will be in vain.

According to the Department of Homeland Security, the new normal is that we see new records broken each month in the number of Border crossings. The DHS also reports that the percentage of migrants testing positive for COVID-19 has risen to nearly 20%. Let’s do the math. We are approaching 200,000 crossings per month, and at 20%, 40,000 cases of COVID introduced and spread about every corner of this country. These infected migrants are not being quarantined, but rather, they are being sent by bus, plane, or escorted by groups like Catholic Charities to every one of the 48 continental states.

Biden and the CDC, AKA Fauci, want you to think that the increase in COVID cases in America is the blame of Governors like DeSantis and Abbott. These Governors are balking at Washington’s call for Masks and or Mandates and point to the Super Spreader at our wide-open Border as the actual source of the increase in cases. Biben, Harris, Psaki, or Fauci will never admit the Biden Border Policy is guilty of spreading the COVID throughout the country.

Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador called the migrant crisis a result of the Biden administration’s policies.

This story cannot be allowed to fall from the front page. This story needs to be told until Biden and Harris get a grip on the Crisis. That grip does not appear to be happening soon. Instead, Harris is working with Mexico to send more vaccines to the region and increase our investments in the Northern Triangle Region. Sending taxpayer dollars to fight climate change in Central America will not have any impact on migration. This plan is Harris working on her “root cause theory” and her feeble attempt at solving the Crisis. Her plan is a failure.

As long as the Administration refuses to curb the flow, we need to keep the story fresh and keep the pressure on Washington to secure our front door. We cannot afford to have 2.4 million illegal immigrants, 480,000 of which are COVID positive, entering our country this year. There is no plan to stop it. The Biden / Harris plan is NOT to stop it. Their plan is working, but not for America. Do not let this story fade away.

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