Texas Democrats Define Their Party

By Ray Cardello for August 11, 2021 Season 3 / Post 8

This story of the Texas Legislators who abandoned their responsibility hopped on private jets and got out of Austin. This group of Democrats knew they did not have the votes to defeat a Voting Reform Bill working its way through the Texas system. They believed that if they banded together, hopped on two private jets, did not wear masks, and headed off to Washington, D.C., they would disrupt the system and prevent the bill’s passage. They claimed that the legislation restricted voting and was aimed at suppressing the vote. They obviously did not read the bill. This is a problem in every state that is enacting voter reform legislation. The Democrats are working hard to convince people that Republicans are shrinking the vote when the opposite is the truth. The thing that Republicans want is honest elections. The number of votes is insignificant, but the credibility of the vote is essential.

So let’s look at what this band of weak politicians has done in the last month or so. They did flee from their obligation that their supporters voted them into office to perform. They created a COVID Super- Spreader in traveling maskless to Washington. To date, five of the fifty-seven who fled have tested positive. That is about the same percentage of infected as the illegal immigrants crossing our Southern Border. Of course, all of the upstanding politicians claim to have been vaccinated.

They arrive in D.C., meet with Kamala Harris, infecting many with each passing day. They are the new media darlings. The media loves quitters these days. Ask Simone Biles. Some of the delegation used D.C as a stop on their way to vacation in Portugal. You cannot make this stuff up. Now they have come up with the con of all cons. They are now suing the State of Texas and Governor Abbott for embarrassment. They have run, stifled the government system, vacationed on the people’s dime, and prevented the vote on the voter reform bill in Texas. Who has been doing the embarrassing? These folks should be stripped of their positions and arrested for fraud as soon as they set foot back in Texas. If Governor Abbott has his way, that is precisely what will happen.

This deflection of blame is getting common amongst Democrats. Drop the ball on your responsibility, spend taxpayer dollars traveling to D.C. and Europe, then sue the state you deserted for embarrassment. Be the Democrat Governor of New York, molest eleven women, see 179 witnesses corroborate their story, and then go on National TV with a sob story and thank the women for coming forward. Andrew Cuomo was trying for another Emmy for his noontime address today. Announcing his resignation in two weeks, he spent the time telling his three daughters it’s not him but the system that is guilty—Rich but such a shallow story and certainly a waste of air time. The real shame is that the liberal supporters of these corrupt folks are too naive to see through the dust. The dust is from these politicians getting out of town before the walls come tumbling down and the indictments start flying.

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