Elon Has Become Enemy Number 1

By Ray Cardello for April 15, 2022    Season 10 / Post 9

Elon Musk has crossed the line as far as Big Brother and Government are concerned. I guess that is redundant. It was yesterday that he was a hero. He was the most prominent advocate and producer of electric cars. That fit into their program. Just ask Nancy Pelosi about her massive buy of Tesla stock the week the Government announced they were going to an all-electric fleet.
He was a hero when he rerouted his private communication satellites to afford Ukraine’s uninterrupted ability to avoid Russia cutting them off from the world. He was adored when his tunnel theory to take road travel underground showed it could work. They said thank you when he paid more taxes than any other American. But he forgot to stay in his lane. He crossed the line.
Musk is from South Africa, where their Constitution models ours. His sin was making noise about his love of the first amendment. He is not only for free speech but absolute free speech. Free speech means you can say anything and a person’s only recourse is not to listen, not shut you up.
The richest man in the world, not named Putin, saw a problem and decided to step up and solve it. His first step was to buy a controlling block of Twitter stock. He saw Twitter as a globally powerful tool manipulated by a few. He saw a danger in moderating the content. He recognized that what Twitter called moderating, the world called censorship. The stock purchase got him in the door of Twitter, and like a sausage factory, he did not like what he saw.
The Woke environment of Twitter was the first thing he found offensive. The staff was given a day off for rest after the Musk stock purchase was announced. They were all sent home to their safe space to weather the storm. Twitter then extended an invitation to Musk to take a seat on the Twitter board of directors. Musk quickly saw the motivation for that olive branch.
It took Musk just a day to realize to take the board seat, he would surrender the option to buy the company. That was not an option. Instead, he went to plan B and tendered a cash offer to buy Twitter. This set Twitter and the media world into a tailspin. Fear of an uncensored platform that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram were meant to be, exposed the underlying plan. These social media platforms and mainstream media want to control the narrative. Talking heads like Brian Stelter of CNN claimed this is a threat to humanity. Actually, it is a threat to the future of Brian Stelter. An actual open forum will expose the media’s bias and not allow situations like the Biden Laptop to be controlled. The press will have to start doing their job and reporting the facts, not their version of the story.

It seems too ironic that the Government announced yesterday they are investigating Tesla. Curious, to say the least, or is this their way of forcing Musk back into his lane? This model for the country where the Democrats and the mainstream media decide what and how we hear it has to stop. One of the ways to accomplish this return to Free Speech and truthful media is to institute Term Limits. If we can get politicians out before they gain too much personal power, we can return to a more free-thinking state.

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  1. In the USA, money is power. Obscene amounts of money provides obscene power. Power corrupts. And obscene power corrupts obscenely.

    So the man with obscene power gets to control what is said in the “town square” in the name of “free speech.” Sure, until he starts being criticized in that town square. Or when his companies are criticized to the point that it harms their values or causes them to be unable to freely do whatever they want. Or if public opinion turns against going to Mars, especially if he was expecting public funds to subsidize his efforts. Or any of a myriad of other things that might annoy this “Benevolent dictator for life” (google if you are not familiar with the term.)

    All I have left to say is, BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU WISH FOR.