Biden Issues Order to Ban Automobiles

By Ray Cardello for April 14, 2022    Season 10 / Post 8

Joe Biden will issue an Executive Order banning all gas and electric automobiles and will issue free Electric Bikes to replace them.
Okay, so that is a parody and carries a lot of satire, but I am just following the logic Biden uses with increasing crime. Joe is slated to sign an executive order to ban “Ghost” guns to counter the rise in crime. He is going after the tool used by evil people to harm or kill a person. If the gun is to blame in a fatal shooting, isn’t the car to blame in fatal car crashes?
Crime has been on a dramatic trajectory for the last two years. The increase corresponds with the attack on Police forces, emptying of prisons, District Attorneys who refuse to indict criminals, the Border eliminated, and record amounts of Fentanyl and illegal guns coming in from Mexico. For Democrats in power, these problems are too difficult to resolve, so they urge Joe Biden to go after “Ghost” guns.
The Biden Administration has become a series of random thoughts. There is no plan, just a reaction. Joe was in Iowa this week, and when in Iowa, you need to pander to corn growers. He decided it would be a great idea to tie corn, ethanol, and the elimination of the fossil fuel industry into one sentence. He proclaimed that he was relaxing restrictions on ethanol, which would reduce fuel costs by ten cents a gallon. Two immediate problems here. Ten cents does nothing to lessen the two dollar a gallon increase in the Biden Era. The second is that only 2% of gas stations in America even offer ethanol-based fuel. This decision by Joe will do nothing to reduce the cost of gasoline, but it got applause from the good folks of Iowa he was addressing.
The media shows the sound bite for every newscast, and not a soul calls him on the facts. Even when these announcements are fact-checked, there is no equal time given to the facts. Thus we have millions of people who see the spot, believe it, and move on being lied to and accepting it. The President’s approval rating dipped this week to 33%. The perception is that this President is too old, does not work enough, and has terrible instincts. This perception is why 54% outright disapprove of Biden’s effort There is no indication that anyone feels he can right this ship.
In the short term, we do not have good options Impeachment efforts are a non-starter with the Democrat control of both chambers. The outcome of any effort, impeachment or Article 25, does not appeal to either side of the aisle. Nobody wants to see Harris at the helm. That leaves us praying for the President’s health but keeping him in check on any major issues. The Republicans have to clog the Congress and force Biden to go the Executive Order route. At least EOs can be easily reversed.

We always have a President who some people don’t agree with or don’t like. This President is different. Even diehard Democrats cannot point to good decisions from Biden. The facts will not allow that folly. We have to contain him and minimize the damage. Not an easy process because we have not been here before. Carter harmed the country but nowhere near the damage inflicted by this President. I wish there were something positive to opine about with Biden, but he cannot or will not deliver.

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  1. Come on. A manufactured headline to get people to maybe read your article. I thought you were better than that. Guess you have met the enemy (dishonest media) and you are it. Sad.

    • Geno, it was a fake headline until Gavin Newsom broke his story this afternoon banning gas cars by 2035. Biden will jump on that ridiculous storyline.

  2. Thank you for the courtesy of a reply. However, like all media, after you acknowledged it was a fake headline (why?), you quickly deflected to something else.