“The Future You Have Set on Fire”

By Ray Cardello for April 13, 2022    Season 10 / Post


“You cannot wish to have the world you want. You have to live in the world we have.” Bill Hemmer, who I think is one of the brightest news people on FOX News and the best interviewer in the media, said this on air a couple of weeks ago. He was referencing the outrage displayed by the Left towards the Oil Industry Executives testifying before Congress.
The House called these execs to explain the incredible rise in gas prices and defend industry pricing. Like most hearings in Congress, this was pure theater. The industry has a part in the inflation causing increase in gas prices but if you want to point the finger at the cause, go to the big White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Congress, like the Media, is giving cover to a very unpopular President who is crushed by inflation. This unpopularity spells a wave of gained seats in both Chambers by Republicans in November. This hearing is part of the defense plan the Democrats are using to try to stem the tide.
The wrong decisions made by Biden in his first year are evidence of a lack of a comprehensive plan to move the country away from fossil fuels. The move may not be wrong, but the haphazard manner used by the Left is. America, actually the world, is far too dependent on fossil fuels for a rapid transition to happen. Petroleum is in everything we touch, do, travel, and even wear to think we can turn off the tap and turn on the windmills, and all will be good. But that is what the Left, especially the Radical Left, expects. They have been listening to too much Greta Thunberg and AOC. One is a child, and the other acts like one, and neither has a plan.
AOC, ever the actress, used her time to go for the sound bite. Her questions are never on point, so she has to go for drama, and she shot high in this case. With a slow cadence and a deep stare, she looked upon the group of execs and condemned them for destroying our future. “The future you have set on fire” were the exact words she uttered. They are not hers, but those of a staffer and one I am sure was celebrated this day in AOC’s world. Like the rising tides and melting ice caps, this line has little meaning but maximum impact. She was playing to her base, and Greta had to leave school early as she was too excited to sit in class after hearing AOC’s oration.
Nobody disputes we need to wean the world off of Fossil Fuels, but that will be a lengthy process that requires patience and is not impetuous. We need to re-explore nuclear, which may be the cleanest fuel. Solar and wind should be incorporated but is not the answer. You cannot demonize the oil industry and then plead for their help. It would be best if you had a plan. Not a Right or Left, but bring together the brightest minds and let them get to work.
The method the administration is using will turn the country and world against them, You cannot shut off the sup0ply, drive the price to all time highs and then say oops. The world is not ready for step 2. I know this gets redundant, but why does every plan Biden introduces fall apart like a house of cards? That is because the plans are not built on a solid foundation. They are sound bites to appease special interest groups. How about we start treating the American public as someone special? They deserve it.
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  1. Bill Hemmer is not even close to one of the best interviewers on Fox. His questions tend to ramble. He frequently interrupts the person’s answer. He even interrupts with a new question that makes it clear that he wasn’t listening to what the person just said, as the new question causes the person to repeat themselves. It might be due to a producer talking in his ear during answers, but it happens a lot. I prefer Dana’s interview technique.