Elon May Save Our Elections and Country

By Ray Cardello for April 26, 2022        Season 10 / Post 20

The Cabal is broken. There is now an empty seat at the table of mainstream media. The White Knight we were not sure existed came to our rescue. The First Amendment is alive and well on both sides of the political spectrum. So why is the Left so apoplectic about the new game in town.
To understand just how important the Twitter return to a free speech platform is for our country, you only need to understand the suppression of two significant stories in the last two years. The origin of the COVID Virus and those involved and the denial of the Biden Hunter laptop are two stories that could have changed our direction had the truth been allowed.
For the last two years, any mention of these two topics could have had you censored or banned from Facebook and Twitter. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and TicTok had simple origins as applications for people to communicate and share ideas. I do not believe anyone saw the powerful tools that these platforms would become and how people with an agenda could shape what we see. Keep in mind that people like Vladimir Putin and Raul Castro are welcome on social media platforms, but former President Trump is not.
Social Media has not only changed the habits of the world but has impacted who its leaders are. People on the Left, like Elizabeth Warren, claim that Elon Musk bringing Free Speech to Twitter is a threat to Democracy. These people have no problem with these sites influencing elections because it is usually in their favor. If mainstream media had allowed the truth to come out on these two critical events and the world, not just the Right, understood them, would Anthony Fauci have been able to lock down America or Joe Biden to dismantle her? Had the media playing field been level in 2020, Joe Biden would still be retired, Donald Trump would still be President, and America would still be a thriving, sovereign country.
The concept of Free Speech has become distorted. It was the norm that a person could say anything, and others had the chance to listen or not. In recent years, with the support of MSM, the Left has modified Free Speech to be what they feel is truthful or proper and to cancel anyone who bucks the norm. This version is not Free Speech but controlled speech.
To be a thriving Democracy or Republic, we must have absolute free speech. That is why our forefathers protected it with the First Amendment. With Free Speech and a press that does its intended job, we can all feel comfortable knowing we are all getting the same story. The press is to inform and protect the people from an oppressive government, not to shape the government.
On the surface, it appears that the motives of Elon Musk are pure. He saw a dangerous situation and had the means and ability to correct it. We can hope and pray that is the reality and if so, we need to root for his success. If he can revert Twitter to its original uncensored platform, maybe the rest of the media will feel a need to follow suit.

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