Jen Psaki is Insulting America and Must Resign

By Ray Cardello for April 25, 2022          Season 10 / Post 19

The body ofTexas Army National Guard Specialist Bishop E. Evans has been found. You may not know who Bishop Evans is, and that is understandable. Evans went missing last week when he saved illegal alien drug smugglers caught in the dangerous currents of the Rio Grande. His disappearance was reported on ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and MSNBC for 28 seconds over the weekend. A dead member of the National Guard who gave his life to save criminals was not interesting to them or their viewers.
For the first time, Jen Psaki addressed questions today about the loss of a  law enforcement officer, and her response, attitude, and demeanor were disgusting. She claims that the Biden administration mourns Evans’ death but refuses to accept any responsibility for the events that caused this young man to lose his life. She downplayed the activity that resulted in his death and pointed to the State of Texas, which is responsible for his death, and not the Federal Government.
She also blamed Trump and his failure to address immigration but instead  spent billions on a wall that, in her words, “we all know does not work.”
Jen, let’s get it straight. The wall worked unless you intend to eliminate border control. In the last two years of the Trump Presidency, we had the lowest number of illegal entries in years. In fourteen months, the Biden administration tore down those controls and opened up the border to people from all over the world. Joe Biden has made us a less safe country, but you call that progress.
Psaki’s vision and message from the podium are that of the Progressives. They are not the vision of the majority of Americans and thus have the worst approval ratings of any President in History. Jimmy Carter applauds you, Jen Psaki, and he looks forward to being one of the few to watch you on MSNBC.
With approval ratings in the thirtys and trending toward the twenty’s, the arrogance would lessen. No, not for Psaki or anyone else in this gang. They do not care about polls or America. They are doing their best to destroy America and replace it with a socialist and greener version. Why did Biden invest 50 years in Washington only to use the Presidency for such negative progress? Is this what the Progressive Party is all about? Fortunately, he was not successful in his first two campaigns for the office. The country was wise enough to flush him out, but the third time was a charm for him and a curse for America.
Jen Psaki is a danger to America. She is a pathological liar and a source of misinformation. Now she is operating in a direct conflict of interest. She is the primary spokesperson for the President while using her position to negotiate a deal with MSNBC. Her mission of late appears to be tearing down whoever the FOX News reporter is for the day. The problem is that their questions are far more impressive than her denigrating answers. The good thing is that the folks from FOX will have the last laugh, as her ratings will probably be as bad as Biden’s.
 This article was first published on The Liberty Loft   thelibertyloft.com

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