Enough Hyperbole Over January 6th

By Ray Cardello for July 28, 2021 Season 2 / Post 44

I have heard enough about the insurrection that occurred on January 6th. It has been called the most significant attack on our democracy since the Civil War by Joe Biden. I am not sure, but I believe Joe Biden was not alive in the 1860s, and therefore he does not understand the significance of the Civil War. The Civil War was fought between the troops of the North and South over the practice of slavery. Over 600,000 American deaths, 400,000 deaths of Union Troops to eradicate slavery in the United States. To compare it to the January 6th attack on the Capital and call either an attack on our democracy is disgusting.

The people making these comments were mute last year as a summer of riots and destructive protests destroyed some of our incredible cities. We watched as Minneapolis, Seattle, and Portland endured nightly riots, and Kamala Harris led a group to supply funds to bail out those arrested in these riots. A House investigation began today and was stacked with anti-Trump Democrats and Republicans alike. Even the officers who testified seemed to be selected to testify based on their dislike for the President on January 6th.

I watched about two hours of the hearings today and was disgusted by the proceedings. Democrat representatives were throwing up leading questions. The officers were obliging with answers calling the protestors terrorists, white supremacists, and Trump supporters. All of those labels are equal in a Democrat mind.

Questions were asked about the weapons the terrorists were wielding. Reports of guns, knives, bombs and every conceivable implement of battle make it sound like there was no way any of the guards of the Capitol should have survived. Yet, there was no stab or gunshot wound suffered by any officer protecting the Capitol. These terrorists must be the worst shots and militants ever in combat. I heard testimony about how these officers were under relentless fear for their life. The only person killed on either side of the conflict was an unarmed female protestor who was shot and killed by a Capitol Police Officer. The greatest threat since the Civil War, an attack on our Democracy and but one civilian death.

This situation is a blemish on our history. I am not downplaying the severity of the attack on the Capitol, but this hearing and various comments from the Left are out of control. The Democrats are using this dark day in our history as a tool to vilify Donald Trump and his band of “white supremacist” supporters. I am insulted to be lumped into this latest basket of deplorables. Whatever cannot be verified by fact and truth can be supported by hyperbole and emotion.

The Democrat members of the panel were gushing in their praise and thanks to these brave guards for their efforts. They pledged that the committee would get the truth of what happened on January 6th. These members would not know the truth if it jumped up and slapped them. They want these hearings to paint Donald Trump as the villain and his supporters as his tools. Nancy Pelosi is responsible for the safety and security of the Capitol. Pelosi refused an offer from Donald Trump to activate National Guard troops to assist in crowd control for the day. She refused.

This hearing is a sham, like much of what goes on in Washington, DC. Can we all agree that we cannot stand for these puppet hearings where no truth is uncovered but political gains are made? The hearing today, broadcast in its entirety, wasting air time, serves no purpose other than to divide Democrats and Republicans further. We need no help in that regard. We are doing just fine on our own.

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  1. The hearings lose credibility when senators who will ask tough questions are not allowed to participate. More obvious DC corruptness.

  2. Instead of always trying to deflect responsibility of this most egregious act on our democracy in decades, will you at least admit that Trump played a role in inciting this as so many of his arrested supporters have admitted to? Please respond as to your position here.
    Thank you.