By Bus or Plane, The Virus Will Spread

By Ray Cardello for July 29, 2021 Season 2 / Post 45

This administration cannot get any more feckless. As the first six months show, there is no limit to the number of failures for Biden and Harris. They could have left things alone, touched nothing, and their numbers would be soaring. No, they had to negate everything, and they have a plan for nothing. As I mentioned days ago, they are getting us ready for lockdown. As each hour of the day passes, more information on masks, vaccines, and mandates come forth from the CDC, Dr. Fauci, Jen Psaki, or Joe himself. It is like peeling the bandaids off a hairy arm, Slow, painful and it seems like the pain will never end.

Just a month ago, we were told by Joe Biden that we could put our masks away if fully vaccinated. We have heard this before, Biden lied. Vaxxed or not, Biden, Fauci, and the CDC are all planning on our future adorned with masks. Federal employees are now told they either get Vaxxed or may lose their jobs. The courts have cleared the way for private companies to do the same. Our freedom to choose is slipping away. Ironically, the same people who preach a woman’s body is her’s to do with as she pleases are now crafting mandates designed to put needles into every American’s arm.

At the same time, the Biden Administration is devising plans to Vaxx every American before masks and mandates will be removed; they are contaminating the country by spreading COVID positive migrants throughout the country. Greyhound buses, Delta Airlines, and Catholic Charities are being utilized to transport these infected migrants into areas where officials are not made aware of who they are now “welcoming.” It is estimated that 8-10% of illegal migrants crossing our Border are testing positive. Simultaneously to the unfettered flow of illegals, Biden has shut off legal immigration at the Canadian Border, the Border Crossings along the Mexican Border, and the folks fleeing Cuba. This lack of consistency makes no sense.

The core of the mask and mandate issue is the failure of the Biden Vaccine Program. Unvaccinated Americans appear to have no interest in getting the shots. Until they do, we are all to be penalized. This is certainly not going to convince anyone the right thing to do is to become Vaxxed. We are all being punished. From grade schools to nursing homes, masks will be worn everywhere. It is all such convoluted logic. Spread the disease with illegal immigrants, restrict the entire population with masks and simultaneously try to convince those who are not vaccinated to get the shots.

Americans will not stand for another fifteen months with their lives restricted. The economy may not survive another jolt of closures and restrictions. Joe Biden has failed us. He was elected on the false belief that he would be the right person to lead us out of the Pandemic. He has shown he has no plan, does not have the right people in place, and is not the person to finally motivate Americans to band together and do what needs to be done to close the door on COVID-19.

Immigration is failing. The battle against COVID-19 is failing. The economy and re-employment are failing. Inflation is soaring. We are reaching the point of dependence on foreign fuels again. I challenge any supporter of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to speak up and tell us what they are doing well. Crickets- that is the sound you are hearing.

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  1. The administration loses all credibility as it relates to Covid based on how they are handling the border crisis.

  2. 1) Wouldn’t it make sense that you would not receive many comebacks to your commentaries as most people who would disagree with you would not bother to read your posts, as mostly conservatives or more likely Trump supporters would be the ones to tuning into your commentary? Thus, crickets?
    2) Why don’t you use your public posts for the good of the country, by advocating for vaccines as the data has shown that getting it is more effective than not? Maybe you are one of those who did not get a vaccine and thus mostly contributing to the resurgence of the virus and all the negative societal impacts of that.