Pelosi Cannot Handle the Truth

By Ray Cardello for July 30, 2021 Season 2 / Post 46

Nancy Pelosi has never been a likable person or one that you feel you could trust. A lifetime politician from a family of the same, she is programmed for one thing: survival and the continuation of wealth-building that seems to go hand and hand with public service. Nancy Pelosi is 81 years old and has been representing the San Francisco area in Congress since 1987. When you think of the Swamp in Washington, you immediately think of Nancy Pelosi. You never hear much about her contributions to the legislative process. She is better known for her power over the House of Representatives and the money she raises for the Democrat Party. Nancy Pelosi is a detriment to the Democratic process. Her agenda is paramount over the good of the country.

There are so many examples that we can discuss going back to the passage of Obamacare. Who can forget her marching around the Capitol with her giant wooden gavel? That gavel is symbolic of Pelosi’s reign. It is all about power. Since January 6th, there has been tremendous debate about the cause and who bears responsibility for the demonstrations and lack of civility we witnessed as our Capitol was breached. The House began hearings this week into the activities of January 6th, and the controversy started before the hearing was opened.

Kevin McCarthy, the Minority Leader of the House, submitted two people to serve on the committee. Nancy Pelosi immediately denied them. The two Representatives, Jim Jordan of Ohio and Jim Banks of Indiana have both been outspoken supporters of President Donald Trump. These two Reps on the committee would never work for how Pelosi saw these hearings play out. As evidenced by the first day of testimony, this hearing was stacked with Anti-Trumpers, including Liz Cheney, a Republican. Even the Capitol Police Officers who were witnesses were not in the Trump Camp. The questions and answers from Day 1 were evidence enough that the purpose of this charade was to inflict further harm on Donald Trump.

The other reason that Pelosi objected to the participation of Jordan and Banks was because she cannot control them. Pelosi knew that they would bring to light the part that Speaker Pelosi played in allowing the demonstrations to run out of control. She would never let that happen. The safety and security of the Capitol Building fall on the Capitol Police Force. This Force is a band of 2,000 officers with an annual budget of over $400 Million. That is near twice the budget of the Atlanta, Georgia Police Department. The Capitol Police chief reports to the Capitol Police Board, a three-person group composed of the Senate and House Sergeants at Arms and the Architect of the Capitol. There is the hook. Two of those board members fall under the purview of Nancy Pelosi. She was ultimately responsible for the forces in place to protect the Capitol.

In addition to the Capitol Police, Donald Trump had reached out to Pelosi to offer the support of the National Guard. She refused the offer of help. There is no way that Nancy Pelosi wants her name brought into the debate. She was responsible for the lack of officers and troops needed to turn back the protestors. Nancy wants the blame for January 6th to fall squarely and entirely on Donald Trump. She does not want the truth to come out of this hearing but her version of the truth. That is the problem with the Democrat party. There is no truth, just their narrative. That is the story they want the American people to hear, and the Main Stream Media will do their best to deliver the word for them.

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  1. Terrific commentary Ray. I appreciated your clarification of the Capitol Police chain of command. Keep it up!