Criminals Are Set Free While the Unvaxxed Are Called Criminals

By Ray Cardello for July 31, 2021 Season 2 / Post 47

Two of my favorite episodes of Seinfeld are “The Opposite” and “The Bizarro Jerry”. They were a funny fictional account of a world where Jerry and his Band of Merries either do the opposite of every regular decision or meet another group of people where each was the exact opposite of Jerry’s team. When fiction becomes a reality, the Bizarro and the Opposite are far from funny. Watching the morning news with a cup of coffee has become a recap of just how dysfunctional our government has become in six months. After we have gone through the Defund the Police phase and watched crime rates soar in major cities run by Democrat administrations, we now call people who have decided not to get the vaccine criminals. What a great plan by the Left to get the Unvaxxed to get the vaccine by insulting and demeaning them.

This ridiculous claim is from the mayor of a city becoming a ghost town because of the rampant crime on the streets. Mayor DiBlasio, the outgoing mayor, thank God, went to the media yesterday to call the Unvaxxed criminals and the biggest threat to our future. The talking heads on CNN went through their Thesaurus last night, labeling the Unvaxxed ignorant, arrogant, suffering from self-righteous indignation, and resistors all in one sentence. This litany is from Chris Cuomo, who faked his quarantine last summer while jogging on a crowded street without a mask. He read this adjective-filled line on a split-screen while his sidekick, Don Lemon, dutifully bobbed his head in support. Margaret Hoover of “Firing Line” said that any person receiving any form of government subsidy, including Social Security, must be Vaxxed. Ironic how the people who agree with this statement are vehemently opposed to drug testing for the same people. There were more examples but enough of that Bizarro World.

As if all of that material was not enough to fill the evening news, mayors from across the land who had defunded police and cut officer numbers are now looking to subsidize budgets to facilitate the hiring of new officers. Mayors from Seattle and Washington D.C., where they celebrated BLM by painting their logo on the streets and laughed about the Summer of Love, are now looking to hire new officers. You cannot make this stuff up.

I enjoy watching the pundits from the Left trying to differentiate from the organization and the movement of groups like Black Lives Matter and Defund the Police. They claim we can all get behind the movements, but the organizations suffer from bad messaging. No, most of us are against all of it.

Finally, we need to touch on masks and mandates. There are so many conflicting comments coming out of the CDC and the White House that we won’t further confuse that here. But what is happening at the Capitol sums it all up. In the House Divided, Nancy Pelosi has directed the Capitol Police to arrest anyone on the House side of the Capitol not wearing a mask. On the Senate side of the same building, masks are not required. That incredible bizarro situation is a perfect symbol of how screwed up Washington is today. The sad thing is that nobody in charge has the answers for how to right this sinking ship.

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